In this Data Tsunami Age, don’t allow your ship to wreck… We can help You.
Not by giving You a lifejacket, By teaching You how to ride the wave.
There are three pillars in every successful Data story.
And We, Seavus, can help You in every step.
With Our both Technology and Business Agnostic™ approach.


From a numerous projects in multiple fields, our tempered BI veterans will be the voice of Your business & domain experts in how different functions and different processes on the business side work. They will look beyond a single business area, and understand how different pieces of the business fit together. But also they understand very well how technology drives business value and how that in turn is enabled through rock solid data architecture. They are already involved in number of different business sectors, ranging from Telecom, Financial, Banking, to HealthCare & IGaming. You can choose already proven, turnkey solution, or work together with Us on custom and unique approach.


Our engineers are working on databases and big data engines, reporting and analytics, and on the integration and interfaces among the different components. They are skilled and focused on different platforms, be it hardware or software. They are specialists for different functional areas when it comes to the IT world, such as migration, performance, testing and quality assurance, troubleshooting, deployment and support. They are experts in broad range of technologies, Teradata, Oracle, Microsoft, Informatica, Datameer, QlikView, different flavors of Hadoop distributions…. Derived from Your current situation and future plans We can suggest a technology stack just right for Your needs.

Data Governance

Our focus is on master data management MDM, and data standardization, data stewardship, business rules, privacy and security compliance. We will help You develop a comprehensive set of rules about your data as well as the mechanisms by which those rules are enforced.

Contact us. We have a lot to offer to make your business more intelligent, efficient & sucesfull.