We have developed easy to integrate solution that can help you fulfil the regulation in no time.

PSD2 regulation has challenged both banking and finance institutions, requiring major redesign of the banking SW interfaces but also the bank business model and processes of work, and opening new horizons in the world of financial services.

Our belief is that using the real benefit of PSD2 Open API by all parties is starting a new world of financial services that will connect consumers, merchants, financial and banking institutions in innovative ways that will bring consumer satisfaction at higher level.

To ease Your way into PSD2 implementation and compliance, we offer a collection of PSD2 compliancy products and general consultancy. We have invested in deep understanding of PSD2 requirements, and made effort to align our products, knowledge and thinking with the vision of the connected banking, and beyond.

Our PSD2 products and services are created for all parties: banking, finance, fin-tech and merchants.

Contact us and we will help you become PSD2 compliant, save you implementation time, lower your costs and allay your concerns about the future.

PSD2 solution for Banks

  • PSD2 API XS2A – Collection of APIs providing PSD2/RTS compliance, extendible thus giving you the base to perform partial or complete digital transformation of your business
  • PSD2 Management portal – The point where you can control access to PSD2 API, customize the available data, monitor performance, manage versions and scaling
  • TPP portal – Portal for TPP registration, with PSD2 API documentation as required by regulators, with downloadable client source for API consuming

PSD2 for Financial services and Fintech

  • A4A access (API for API) – API Gateway as one point for PSD2 access
  • TPP Partnership

PSD2 for e-Commerce

  • White Label E-commerce cart adapters with Seavus PSD2 API
  • Direct payments through our PSD2 API, reducing transaction costs

PSD2 for everyone

  • PSD2 Consultancy – stay up to date with our technical experts
  • Build custom banking and fintech solutions on top of our API

Contact us to understand more about our PSD2 API solution that can save you time, cost and concerns and find out what PSD2 uncovers when you think outside of the box. We can help you with open discussion from both business and technical implementation aspect.