Customizable PDF solution designed to enhance the way you

Seavus is Global Master Distributor of I-Produkts for CovePDF.

CovePDF is a PDF solution with advanced features such as password protection, digital signage certificate and many other features that follow the PDF standards. The product focus is on the minimalistic design and its simple use that will enable companies to enhance the way they work.

CovePDF is the first solution on the market that allows free and easy password protection of PDF documents.

It is created with the latest Electron technology; a framework for building cross platform apps. This enables easy integration for new developments, following industry trends and responding to business needs.

The product is designed to be a leading customizable solution for companies that want to improve their working with PDFs, based on their specific needs and document handling processes, regardless of the industry they operate in.

CovePDF is constantly upgrading with new features and is driven by the feedback gathered from the users.

The latest product is available on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms and soon will be available on other popular platforms, too.

Protect you PDF documents with password.

Sign your documents with digital certificates and mark the approval status.

Use minimalistic design without annoying pop-ups.

Benefit from a B2B tailored product according to your needs.

Select from the most popular features in PDF solutions.

Secure that you are the master of you PDFs.

You can easily mark, approve or customize the certificate in your signature.

Simple user interface with one-click away toolbar actions.

Get a customized solution with a perfect fit for your organization.

Seavus is Global Master Distributor of CovePDF.

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