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About our company


What drives our company's spirit is ‘innovation’ – creating next-generation solutions that lead to success. With a bold mindset, we always propose fresh solutions and approaches to existing and upcoming challenges.

We aim to reinvent the art and science of software development and create software solutions that will improve our client's business processes.

The story behind our company begins back in 1999 with a few people and an idea. Today, we are a multinational company that continuously satisfies customers with services and products in an agile and business-value-first approach.

With 17 offices in 10 countries, we support clients from diverse industries by being directly involved in the process of achieving their goals. Some of them have been walking on the road to success along with us for over 20 years. Our portfolio includes successful stories with global telecom operators, organizations from the banking and finance sector, technology companies, and many more.

Seavus is a company whose experts have the knowledge and expertise to understand clients’ needs, respond to their requests, and surpass their expectations.

The diverse and inclusive organizational structure is the key to our long-standing business success. We are focused on promoting and providing opportunities for equal employment, gender diversity, work-life balance, corporate ethics, team-based business culture, and a positive working environment.

And we keep getting stronger. With the closure of 2020, we joined forces with ARICOMA Group aiming towards reaching new markets, accelerating innovations and making sure that we continue to improve the quality of our services further. Our joint efforts will bring increased market expansions and cross-sell opportunities while enhancing both companies’ long-term, profitable growth. This will result in expanding our business and creating new professional development opportunities for our employees.


To have every member of the Seavus’ team acquire, expand, and use the knowledge in order to transfer it to the stakeholders through our products and services.


Seavus plays an active part in the ever-changing society. By sharing and expanding knowledge, and by turning it into products and services, we empower our partners to achieve their goals in their community.



The people of Seavus are our most valuable asset. We look for those who strive to be the best among the best. We cultivate diversity and we value ambition and eagerness for knowledge, change, and challenge. Visionaries, professionals and leaders are who we are and whom we seek.


Our passion for triumph grows along with our rapidly expanding company. We are agile, proactive, and courageous, and we stand for progress, achievement, and success. We use our strengths and never compromise our standards in every aspect of our work, and this is what keeps us ahead of our competitors.


We are open-minded and aware of the constant changes in our society. That enables us to be proactive and think upfront. We perceive those changes, gather and analyze them, and use intuition in formulating our clear vision for the future company’s actions. Being insightful and knowledgeable helps us deliver innovations to our customers and leads us to success.


We perform and deliver more than what is expected – it is the Seavus’ way. Continuous improvement and excellence are our benchmarks for success, and we are always striving to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering quality products and services. 


We build up our competence and expertise through continuous knowledge development and by sharing it with our stakeholders. New ideas are what we support - creative initiatives are what we value. Their intersection enables us to be among the creators of the expanding knowledge for the future society.