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Leadership is action and example.


Chief Executive Officer

Kocha Boshku is a prudent and inspiring manager with a leadership mindset that drives our company’s development and leads it towards long-term success. As a Chief Executive Officer of Seavus Group, he is responsible for supervising and controlling all strategic and business aspects of the company. He is part of Seavus for more than 13 years and before being named Chief Executive Officer, Kocha Boshku served in several key roles including President, Chief Sales Officer, and Strategic Program Manager, and oversaw worldwide operations. He has an excellent track record in sales, operations, business, and market development. Prior to joining Seavus, he worked as the Sales Manager of Login Systems, one of the largest regional wholesale software & hardware distributors. Kocha Boshku comes with an IT background. 


Chief Finance Officer

Tijana Djurovic is the Chief Financial Officer in Seavus, responsible for providing leadership, direction and management of our financial activities and for managing the process of financial forecasting and budgeting. She has a significant role in executing our company’s financial strategy and achieving long-term strategic goals. With an immense finance management experience of over 20 years, she has a proven track record in supporting business transformation and growth by adopting advanced technologies to promote modern finance functions. She has led virtual teams and special projects in a complex, multicultural organizations operating in a dynamic high growth IT environment. Tijana holds a Master’s degree in management from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is a certified ACCA member. 


Human Resources Manager

Olivera Gegovska is the Human Resources Manager, responsible for working continuously on assessment, development, and engagement of all Seavus’ people. Before being appointed to her current position in September 2010, Olivera Gegovska worked as a Training and Development Specialist since 2005, which entailed overall responsibility for Seavus’ people development. From 2001 until 2005, she acted as a Project Coordinator for many projects in the humanitarian field. Olivera Gegovska holds an MBA degree in HR Management from the State Institute of Political and Juridical Research. 


Chief Operating Officer

Dejan Petreski enjoys working with people and strives to provide innovative solutions to create a collaborative working environment to achieve goals. He is highly effective and organized in agile environments to deliver efficiency. With an experience of more than 15 years in IT Technology, Client and People management, he has worked with distributed teams across several different countries and offices. He has a strong knowledge of the technology development lifecycle, technology literate, and is always looking for a challenge. Agile and flexible to new trends and always leading by motivating and by being an example. His specialties include: Project Management | Program Management | Risk Management | Client Relations | International Business Management | Software Development | Information Security | Resourcing and People Management | Market and Portfolio Management | Business Planning and Management  


Chief Production Officer

Marija Nikova is a strategic leader and a visionary, who leads and facilitates the creation of SW solutions and products that deliver value to both Seavus’ customers and business. Marija is an expert in software engineering and IT Solutions, SW development lifecycle, Client and People management, being in this business for more than 20 years. She has proven to deeply understand the problems, needs, and desires of customers, and, together with her teams, she leads to successful delivery of excellent solutions and customer experiences. As CPO, Marija will work closely with the Division Managers and Technology teams on the development of strategy and tactics for business development, drive consistent standards and improvements, processes, and agile approaches throughout the development teams. Prior to being named CPO of Seavus, Marija held the position of Division Manager for different division in Seavus such as Embedded, Telecom, Products, and in the last 5 year the Banking and Finance division, where she worked on Digitalization in Finance, PSD2 & Open banking products, Mobile Wallet, AI Chatbot and other digital products.