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    The Local is a multi-regional, European, English-language digital news publisher with local editions in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Each site, while alike in appearance, has separate editorial teams, each focused on its respective market. Their entertaining blend of daily news, business, and features has made The Local the largest English-language news network in Europe with five million readers every month.

    The Local publishes a network of nine English-language news sites across Europe. Since 2011 we have outsourced all of our web development requirements to Seavus. Throughout an entire decade of partnership we have been very happy with the quality, reliability, and professionalism of the Seavus' programmers and management team.

    James Pearn, CTO at The Local Europe AB


  • Serbia
  • Macedonia


In the past decade, Seavus has been working with The Local team on the development and maintenance of their website, to serve their constantly-growing audience.

In addition to development effort, we have been providing 24/7 continuous Operations and Support services for the customer web sites, including system/platform monitoring, incident handling, monthly trend analysis on HW performance, and regular maintenance.

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With the time and material business model, the client was offered the ability to extend their team for product development, IT operations, monitoring and regular maintenance.


    In this project, our team had a great responsibility to rapidly respond to the client's requirements, deliver the solutions within the defined timeframe, and provide 24/7 support availability.


    Seavus has provided the client with a team of experienced developers who have taken over their development needs, while the scope and project management control remained on the client’s side.

    The first major challenge was to provide a stable and reliable CMS where all of the countries’ news are stored and managed. This practice avoided the need of having multiple deployed instances of the same system. The CMS, along with the 3rd party modules such as: discussion forums, job listings, dating ads, adverts etc.; is continuously improved, updated, and maintained by the Seavus team to meet the client’s needs and expectations. Years later, we have continued the same support by maintaining the solution.

    In 2020, following the need for a modern framework, which would provide easier maintenance, upgrades, and optimization, while being more cost effective, secure and reliable for the client, a WordPress migration took place.

    Seavus has also provided Android development services for The Local app, as well as ongoing managed services by a team of IT operations engineers with a 24/7 service model for continuous monitoring and maintenance of The Local's web server applications and web sites.


With this collaboration, the client gained access to a highly-skilled team equipped with great technical knowledge, expertise, and a drive for excellence, responding to all requests coming from the client. The solution was designed to be user-friendly for The Local editorial and administrative staff, to enable fast changes or upgrades of the website, and low maintenance costs.

In addition, with the 24/7 support service model, the client minimized downtime, and gained customized monitoring as well as proactive and predictable solutions for critical systems and processes.


    PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, Redis, ElasticSearch, Android SDK, Play Billing Services, Piano, Apache Web Server, Linux