XER AB is a Swedish consulting company, specialized in large-scale and complex construction, infrastructure and industrial projects. They are experts in project planning, portfolio and project management, and a certified Oracle Primavera Partner.


  • Macedonia


In the past year, Seavus has been working on 2 project for XER. On one of the projects, we have been developing front-end dashboard for resource allocation and reporting for project management tool; while on the second project, we have been developing the entire tool for availability and allocation of resources, providing options to display project timeline, assigning of resources and reporting, integrated with Oracle Primavera Web services and Oracle DB.

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With the time and material business model, the client was offered the ability to choose, expand the existing team, and create a new remote team to respond to all of the development needs for their product development.


    In these projects, our team had major responsibility to respond fast on clients’ requirements, and deliver the solutions within the defined timeframe.


    Seavus has provided the client a team of experienced developers and User Interface designer who have taken over their development needs, while the scope and project management control remained at XER side, with regular communication with end-client.


With this collaboration, the client gained access to highly-skilled team equipped with great technical knowledge, expertise and drive for excellence, responding fast to all product requirements and changing requests arising from dynamic market.


    Angular, RxJs, LESS, NgZorro, Java, SpringBoot, Apache Tomcat, WSDL, Apache CFX, JAX-RS, Lombok, Hibernate, TypeScript, Oracle Primavera, Optimization (Oracle DB), Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator