Improve test efficiency and shorten the test execution period with automation testing


In the current IT era, time to market has become crucial for software services. Introducing agile methodology when developing software had a huge impact on the development process itself. Changing requirements and short delivery dates have become awakening factors for automation to be introduced in order to provide high-quality software. More and more testing shifted “closer” to development in order to speed up delivery. Simply put, system testing was not fast enough, therefore a lot of effort has been put into automating sanity/regression/smoke tests.

A huge number of test automation tools have emerged and automation has become crucial to both developers and testers. When unit (developer) testing was initiated it was evident that it does not provide the necessary level of independence, especially for enterprise and mission-critical applications. The Software needs to be tested in different contexts & layers in order to consider different types of possible defects. Component tests cannot find the same defects as integration tests and the same set of test cases will no longer find any new defects, hence constant maintenance and improvement are needed.

Introducing Test Automation with proper test strategy is the way forward.