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Tele2 NL faced with very high costs for the development and the maintenance of their Service Provisioning system, diversified teams, so they wanted to cut down their costs, while at the same time to maintain the technical quality of the development.

Seavus has experienced specialists with many years of experience in the development and maintenance of such solutions and was able to provide the Operator with the desired level of skills and expertise in the required domain.


  • Adapt to Tele2 NL’s methodology of work (Scrum) and their company rules and procedures
  • Accomplish a smooth integration of Seavus’ experts in existing Tele2 NL’s teams
  • Reach the desired competence level of the Tele2 NL’s Service Provisioning solution in a very short time frame
  • Efficiently balance among on-site and off-site engagement, accomplishing highly reduced costs with the off-site work
  • Effectively replace NL consultants with remote specialists


  • Time/material type of project cooperation
  • Development and maintenance of the Frontix Service Provisioning platform
  • Working with business analysts, BSS/OSS support analysts and understanding of Operator’s needs for better specific and functional BSS/OSS development
  • Involved in Solution Architecture, Design, Development, System Test, Environment management, Release management
  • Implementation of service oriented architecture for integration of systems as well as development of stored procedures, DTS packages, triggers, web services, end-to-end workflows etc., for execution and support of data exchange between BSS/OSS systems

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  • C# .Net
  • VBScript
  • JAVA
  • Oracle
  • XML


Tele2 NL was able to optimize costs up to 44%, improve work efficiency and concentrate the team to one partner, moving from un-effective outsourcing based per person to per-service outsourcing, having a dedicated single partner responsible for the full development service related to the Service provisioning department.