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We focus on three key aspects of CRM, revenue management, and OSS that can be adopted independently by your business.



We monetize all services relating to how you serve the connected society. We operate your BSS/OSS environments and account receivables with full assurance.


Aside from business analytics, we build and operate contextualized engagement campaigns to support personalized retention, cross-sell, and up-sell programs through digital and assisted channels.




For existing and new BSS/OSS environments, we monitor for fraud, revenue leakage, and process failures as part of a set of advanced assurance services.


OSS includes management functions such as service fulfillment, including network inventory, provisioning and activation, service assurance, network management, fault management, monitoring, and customer care.




There are several reasons why service providers select BSS/OSS-as-a-Service as a more effective way of running a digital BSS/OSS operation:



For existing service providers, a digital operating model requires the transformation of people, culture, skills, structure, platforms, values, and processes.
It’s far simpler to adopt a world-class digital operating model for primary or secondary sub-brand initiatives and avoid losing years to the competition.


Brand entrants and entrepreneurs realize that running a service provider business is fraught with assurance, resource, and investment complexities.
Like internet SaaS products, BSS/OSS-as-a-Service takes a modern approach and offers an operational model that is low risk, scalable, and quick to market.




Many service providers see revenue growth through adjacent growth markets, such as B2B SME, VNO, and IoT enablement.
Existing operation models cannot cope, so as BSS/OSS-as-a-Service is faster to deploy, it offers a new, agile approach to establishing business first and foremost.


As service providers re-evaluate their business performance, which is often hindered by today’s incumbent BSS/OSS and operations, many are taking radical approaches to a lighter and more agile BSS/OSS practice.
BSS/OSS-as-a-Service has a true DevOps model that can outperform in-house BSS/OSS operations on both cost and agility, whilst fulfilling your need for radical business steering.


Are you in need of experts in the area of Telco BSS/OSS systems?

Hiring BSS/OSS experts that can provide architectural guidance, advanced operations, monitoring, problem resolution, and root-cause analysis for your BSS/OSS environments whether on-premise, on the cloud, or as a hybrid setup, is not cost-efficient, especially if you need them to respond only on issues or some change requests.

Our team of BSS/OSS experts can be your contact for support and you don’t have to worry about expensive trainings, vacation days or sick leave - you only pay for the effort provided and the work done.

We offer a team of professionals with years of BSS/OSS experience whose service can be customized to your preferences and who can provide you with what you need with agreed monthly packages, starting from 160 hours effort per month.


Once the BSS/OSS as a Service is put into effect, Seavus’s Managed Services provide a suite of services for efficient and continuous service operations - running the customers’ BSS/OSS solution smoothly without incidents or service disruptions (or in rare case of such events, ensures quick service recovery). Seavus’s Managed Services cover the scope of IT Managed Services and also Business Process Management.

  • Dedicated customer support teams to ensure deep understanding of the customer’s specific technical and business environment
  • Local and regional operation centers for seamless and immediate service, with 24/7 operational service monitoring
  • End-to-end service coverage for ensuring continuous compliance to predefined customer-specific SLA levels and KPI targets
  • We optimize your cost by at least 40% with remote assignments
  • You don’t have to worry whether there is someone with enough BSS/OSS knowledge and expertise available – we do it for you
  • Our high QoS allow you to focus on other segments of your business
  • We help you save valuable time – we are your single point of contact for anything related to the BSS/OSS platforms


What is the BSS/OSS-as-a-Service we offer?


  • Consultancy for improving architecture design
  • Configuration of all BSS/OSS features
  • Full operations of your BSS/OSS environments
  • BSS/OSS installation, configuration and automation of the operational process
  • Business Process Management
  • Billing Management Services
  • Product Configuration Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Management of your system for relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers
  • Service fulfillment, including the network inventory, activation and provisioning



  • Service assurance and delivery
  • Orchestration, automation, and analytics
  • Monitoring and alerting with agreed SLA
  • Proactive task execution
  • Performance tuning
  • Automation of backup and data retention processes
  • Regular BSS/OSS Patching
  • Migrations
  • On-Call 24×7
  • Up-to-date documentation and best practices



  • Team of BSS/OSS experts will be assigned to the project, coordinated with Technical Lead and Service Delivery Manager
  • An initial analysis of the existing BSS/OSS solution will be performed and improvement points will be defined based on your needs and requirements
  • During handover and onboarding of the services, the team will work with you to set the needed Task and Responsibility matrix for the BSS/OSS activities
  • Once on-boarding is complete we fully takeover the care for your system/application
  • Agreement will be signed with agreed KPIs and task matrix for the services

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