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As we are certified for ISO 27001 and ITIL based processes, we deliver our services with:

Service Level Management

Depending on your business needs and service requirements, we provide custom service models:
  • Different service team availability: 24x7, 16x7, 16x5 or 8x5 service window
  • Priority levels together with lead and resolution time
  • Application, system or platform availability and other
  • Maintenance and improvements of IT service quality are included through a constant cycle of monitoring, measuring, and reporting on the predefined KPIs and SLA.

Service Delivery Management

    The end-to-end Service Delivery Management will keep the project on track against dynamic scope delivery upon an aggressive timeline and finite budget boundaries. We will ensure:
  • Proper scope delivery for all types of services according to your needs. From assessment, and analysis, to infrastructure optimization, design, migration, and/or implementation, as well as continuous support and maintenance
  • The project is right on track against aggressive timelines
  • End-to-end Service Delivery Management and real-time KPIs tracking
  • Structured and comprehensive preparation of the required support processes and their integration into the overall service operation delivery

Incident, Change and Problem Management

  • Restoring “normal” service operation as quickly as possible, minimizing any adverse impact on business systems, operations, or the user
  • Providing efficient and prompt handling of all changes, in order to minimize the impact of change-related incidents upon service quality
  • Improving systems and processes, and reducing the likelihood of any kind of Incident by proper testing, additional user training, or setup of automated cleanup-scripts
  • Proactive focus on Incident prevention by identifying and solving problems before the incidents occur

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    We provide project reporting according to Customer’s needs:
  • Reporting on SLA Metrics with pre-defined report structure
  • Service reporting including various services’ types of reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • Reporting on Incidents, root cause analyses, and Post mortem

Availability, Service Continuity and Capacity Management

    We will take over of the overall service organization, service continuity, availability, and capacity management by:
  • Optimizing the capability of the IT resources to deliver a cost-effective and sustained level of availability in compliance with the SLAs
  • Planning and prevention of any Unplanned Outages and disruption of Services
  • Overall organization to ensure performance and availability of Services, IT Infrastructure, and Standard Software, including sufficient storage, transmission, and processing capacities.

We provide full system support, for on-premise or cloud solutions, ensure uptime, health, and maintenance of your infrastructure according to your needs, from Monitoring and back-end operations to assure System operability and proper application/database/infrastructure functioning.

  • You don’t have to worry about proper hardware/software, we will recommend the most optimal vendor, hardware and software type, as well as model analyses, and improvements.

  • Specialized administrators and engineers for deploying, configuration, and maintenance of Microsoft® SQL Server®, Oracle®, MySQL®, MongoDB®, Teradata®, PostgreSQL database engines
  • Utilize deep technical and process expertise for improving current database management operations
  • Monitoring, Automation, and Notification for DB system availability, performance, and capacity with OS and DB scheduled jobs 

  • Seavus provides end-to-end management of server infrastructure, and related server instances and devices and enables a proactive and reliable approach for Operating system maintenance and support.