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Monitoring And Operations as a Service

Are you in need of a team to take over your Operations tasks?

Hiring System/Application engineers or experts that can provide monitoring, problem resolution, and root-cause analysis for your environments and systems, whether on premise, on the cloud, or as a hybrid setup, is not cost-efficient, especially if you need them to respond only to issues or change requests, and, additionally, to be available 24/7.

Our Operations engineers and specialists can be your first line of support and you don’t have to worry about training or vacation or sick days - you only pay when they work.

We have a team with extensive experience in Operations and Maintenance that can be customized according to your preferences and provide you with what you need with agreed monthly packages covered with the necessary availability (8x5; 16x5; 16x7 or 24/7), starting from 40 hours effort per month.


  • Team of Operations engineers and System experts will be assigned, coordinated with Technical Lead and Service Delivery Manager;
  • Agreement will be signed with agreed SLAs for the services;
  • During handover and onboarding of the services, the team will work with you to set the needed Task and Responsibility matrix;
  • Once on-boarding is completed we fully takeover the care for your system/application;


  • We optimize your cost by at least 40%;
  • You don’t worry if there is someone available and with enough knowledge and expertise – we do it for you;
  • Signed SLA’s and high QoS release you to focus on other segments of your business;
  • We save your time – we are your single point of contact for anything related to the system/application;


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What Services do we offer?

  • Monitoring of OS, DB, virtual environment, system installation and configuration;
  • Monitoring and alerting with agreed SLA;
  • Proactive task execution and optimization;
  • Performance tuning;
  • Backup and recovery activities;
  • RegularOS Patching;
  • 24×7 coverage;

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