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The successful cooperation between Tele2 Group and Seavus Group lasts for 12 years and is improving each year. Throughout this period Seavus has always had a dedicated team that has developed and implemented many solutions with significant importance to the operations of Tele2.

The cooperation started with Tele2 deciding to replace the existing Billing portfolio with one single Billing product in all countries. This required tremendous planning but also optimizing the costs and making a team that will exclusively work for their billing platform. The replacement of legacy Billing systems and implementation of the Singleview Billing system was a great success and the project is active today as Seavus is delivering the complete Development and Application Quality Assurance and Maintenance for the entire Tele2 Group, based on a decision for strategic outsourcing of the Billing system Application maintenance and enhancement activities towards Seavus since 2006 and ongoing.


  • A very short time frame for the deployment of the Singleview billing platform
  • Different code bases for different countries
  • Harmonize the way of working with different countries
  • Quickly scale up/down the teams based on current work scope
  • Accomplish a smooth integration of Seavus’ specialists with Tele2 Billing teams
  • Efficiently balance among on-site and off-site engagement, with reducing the costs via off-site work

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Tele2 managed to significantly reduce client's costs up to 40%, provide a unified common code base, reduce the number of incidents (tickets), and improve the release process. Seavus engaged +30 people divided into 5 internal Tele2 teams.