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Keeping up with the dynamics of

Technology advancement in Fintech and Banking – challenges and trends

During this event, you will hear from our customers and partners, about trends and challenges, about the future for the Finance industry

Hybrid Event
03 DEC 2021

About this Event

The global demand for Digitalization has opened up brand new opportunities and challenges in the finance industry, and especially due to the increased race between Banks and Fintech companies to win clients. With continuous advancement in usage of technologies, with Internet/Mobile as the first and often the only option, Fintech companies have become a true disruptor of the Financial industry driving innovation and challenging the entire industry to move faster. In addition, Open banking initiatives have led to the emergence of multiple collaborations among banks and Fintech companies, resulting in better services and new products for the clients.

During this event, you will have the opportunity to hear from our customers and partners from Marginalen Bank, Zebware, Boost AI, and Eurogiro, about trends and challenges, and how we are all together building a future for the Finance industry.

What will we discuss?

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"Test automanuation and test autobahn: two siblings born in Marginalen Bank" - Indranil Sinha, Head of QA, Marginalen Bank

In this presentation, our speaker will talk about and demo two solutions that are conceptualized by him and implemented by his team members. These solutions have significantly improved test automation standards, quality and efficiency in their organization.
During the presentation, it will be demonstrated:
1) how they overcame technical difficulties with BankID test automation;
2) how they implemented sustainable automatic solution for test automation coverage;
The solutions are tailor-made for their business/IT needs and they will inspire many teams/organizations.
Both problems, do exist, in one way or another, in all testing teams. Thus each member of the audience should be able to use this idea/solution and be able to implement them, in their own way, within their organization.
"Optimise customer experience with Conversational AI" - Mats Larsson, Sales Manager, Sweden & Sofie Gulbrandsen, Strategic Partner Manager, Sweden

• Chatbot vs. Conversational AI - what is the difference?
• Experience from 250 project implementations
• A live demonstration from the banking sector
"Innovation enabling high-performance hybrid-cloud solutions with excellent protection of data" - Marie Johansson, CEO at Zebware, Sweden

In this presentation our speaker will discuss the global datasphere which is expected to quadruple by 2025 compared to 2019. 80% of that growth will come from unstructured data and nearly 30% of the world’s data will need real-time processing – further accelerating the demand for scalability, advanced compute capacity and ultra high-speed access to data. Data is one of the most valuable assets for any business. Applications using your data get more advanced and deliver more value back to your business almost by the minute. These applications demand ultra-high read/write performance and the ability to handle vast amounts of data. Excellent protection of data, the ability to cost-efficiently handle data growth and boost performance are key factors in leveraging the value of data.
ZebClient from Zebware is a Swedish innovative software-based cloud data memory bridge that serves cloud data at memory speed to applications. ZebClient protects data on-prem as well as data stored in the cloud, thus enabling use of hybrid-cloud solutions for sensitive data. Learn how your organization will be enabled to use cost-efficient cloud-based storage while still securing data protection and high-performance access to data

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Save the date: Friday, 3 December at 11:00-13:30.

About The Speakers

Indranil Sinha

Head of QA, Marginalen Bank

Indranil Sinha is a loving father of three children, a caring husband, a reasonably obedient son with an attitude to do best at work. Indranil started working at Marginalen Bank in 2011 as a software documentation writer and in September 2021, he became the head of the brand new Quality Assurance department at Marginalen. Indranil believes in staying at an organization, growing there and bringing unique values to the organization.

Marie Johansson

CEO at Zebware, Sweden

Marie Johansson has an extensive experience from developing. launching and managing high-tech products and solutions within the datacom, fintech and data management software industries .

Mats Larsson

Sales Manager, Sweden

Broad experience in Business Development, international sales, and marketing of new technologies. Cross-industry experience solving CX challenges and improving Customer Services. Based in Stockholm, and holds an EMBA from Lund University in International Management and Leadership.

Sofie Gulbrandsen

Strategic Partner Manager at, Sweden

With a background in Shipping, Logistics, and Technology, Sofie has gained a vast amount of experience in international business development, sales and operations experience from a number of corporations in Malaysia, Slovakia, and Scandinavia. She is now driving´s growth ambitions in Sweden through building strategic partner alliances.