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Redefining Telco and Satellite industry for the digital age

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Seavus office | Wallingatan 37 111 24 Stockholm, Sweden
16 November 2022
15:00 - 18:00
2 Speakers

About this Event

While Telco has a strict regional focus and services, Satellite operators need to cover a broader geographical territory and very distinct use cases. “Always and everywhere online” is closest to describing the way Satellite operators work. Enabling mission-critical services, whether in Alaska, the Himalays, or the Pacific Ocean, is key for a legitimate Satellite operator. Provides 24/7 service in each and every corner of the world and relates back to the Satellite operators IT application stack. This explains the importance of their IT stack being customizable, flexible, and integratable to various scenarios.

In our sessions, we will share our experiences from the truly successful partner relationship with Globalstar, a US based satellite operator with global reach, as we talk you through our joint complex projects that ultimately helped modernize Globalstar’s IT application stack.

15:00 Registration & coffee mingle
15:30 Seminar
16:30 After work with drinks & finger food
18:00 End

What will we discuss?

During this presentation we will focus on Digital transformation projects ran by diverse teams located on different continents. We will talk and present the organization challenges, project execution challenges and the success stories: how we were able to deliver different projects on different application domains. Seavus has been able to actively respond and deliver services on different technologies and different application types. Thinking as our customers, and pro-actively strive to improve the app stack with improvements suggestions, re-factoring, automating etc.
What will you learn from the event:
• Seavus service portfolio: how we find the best fit
• Professional approach and cooperation are the only way forward
• Common challenges in cross-Atlantic projects
• Strive for improvements and automation
Speaker: Dejan Talevski, Senior Project Manager, Seavus Group
During this presentation we will talk about satellite communications and the IT specifics around this industry. As Globalstar Satellite Solutions are powered by a proprietary network of satellites that are Always On, and Always Reliable, this also translates that the IT systems supporting these communication services must be robust, customizable and scalable. We will see the difference from the “traditional” Telco world, i.e., from being country or regional-based, to being truly global. We will talk about digital transformation projects executed in the organization, across the whole IT stack (including Billing, E2E testing, Customer portals). We will also discuss how these projects improved the operational efficiency, quality of deliveries and talk about test automation initiatives.
What will you learn from the event:
• Globalstar operations model: how it’s unique compared to the traditional telecom operator model
• Experience from several project implementations
• The ideas and concepts presented are tailored to the satellite communications business models, but they can inspire teams/organization coming from the “tradition” Telco world, as the problem statements are very similar, with scaling being the only difference
Speaker: Robert Charles, Director Web & Software Development, Globalstar Inc.

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About The Speakers

Dejan Talevski

Senior Project Manager, Seavus Group

Dejan is a Telecommunication professional with almost 20 years of experience in the Telco domain, and holds an Msc in Telecommunications, working with Seavus for 8 years in Project Management and Key Account management roles.

He has unique all round knowledge on how the Telecom service provider operates, from networking, engineering to IT (OSS/BSS).

Topic: “Supporting digital transformation halfway across the world: The road to success”

Robert Charles

Director of Web and Software Development, Globalstar Inc.

Robert Charles is the Director of Web and Software Development. He has been with Globalstar for 15 years and currently leads a team of 35 developers, quality assurance engineers and DevOps personnel.

Topic: “IT Stack that support always on-always reliable satellite communication services”