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Use AI to fast-track your recruitment process

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Seavus office | Wallingatan 37 111 24 Stockholm, Sweden
23 March 2023
2 Speakers

About This Event

 During this event you will learn how your company can increase recruitment results by utilizing AI tools. Today you can classify large amounts of CVs by structuring data and get optimal candidate results in seconds! Get informed on the inevitable synergy of AI with HR and ways to utilize advanced technology to your business advantage. 

 Aleksandar Razmovski, Senior BI Analyst at Seavus will share insights on the benefits recruiters are getting from having a machine coworker, and Mathias Deljreud Hamlin, Co-founder of Demando will share the importance of adapting HR practices along with technological advancements. Stick around for the panel discussions, where you’ll be able to hear different viewpoints on AI technology in HR, from professionals in tech recruitment and data science. The event will end with a Q&A session in which you’ll have a chance to get answers on how to properly modernize your HR activities to gain crucial advantage for your business.

4:30pm - 5:00pm – Welcome & registration
5:00pm - 5:45pm – Presentations
5:50pm - 6:30pm – Panel discussion
6:30pm - 7:00pm – Networking

What Will We Discuss?

  Learn how your business can benefit from using AI tools to improve your recruitment process. Bring the future closer today by utilizing AI not as a replacement, but as a helping-hand to your HR professionals to produce fool-proof results within seconds. Our speakers and panelists will share valuable experience on the matter of using Machines as coworkers in modern HR practices, which gives you – the attendee, insight on how to properly use AI technology to gain substantial business value.

We will cover end to end recruitment process, but trough AI/ML lens. The journey will emphasize the need and the huge boost the recruiters are gaining from not just automating the mundane staff, which is mandatory prerequisite, but also, for having a machine coworker by their side.
What will you learn from the event:
• End to end recruitment process optimization with AI and Machine Learning
• Current necessity for utilizing AI tools in recruitment for gaining optimal results
• Benefits from automating mundane processes in HR activities
Speaker: Aleksandar Razmovski, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Telecom Division, Seavus
How can we change the way we live, work and do business so it gets even better? The timing for that question has never been more interesting, because we live in a time with rapid technological advancements. Mathias from Demando will talk about how we must change the way we find jobs and recruit to meet to today's conditions on the labor market. And how technology can be an enabler for that.
What will you learn from the event:
• The impact of technology advancements for modernizing the hiring process
• Small enhancements any business can implement to improve overall working practices
• Summary of today's conditions on the labor market due to digitalization
Speaker: Mathias Deljreud Hamlin, Co-founder of Demando

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Save the date: Thursday, 23 March at 5pm-7pm

About The Speakers

Aleksandar Razmovski

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Seavus

Sharing resources in many projects regarding Data and finding values/insights in it. 20 years of professional computing/ICT experience & QTR century of fiddling with machines. Often Used Proverbs: In (put Your favorite deity here) We trust, all others must bring data; Humans have paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and god-like technology.

Topic: “CrystalQube - How to recruit like a boss 2.0”

Mathias Deljreud Hamlin

Co-founder of Demando.

Co-founder and business development manager at Demando with a background in leadership, business development, digital transformation and digital strategies from both governmental and private sector, both large and small organizations.

Topic “How can recruitment get better with the help of technology?“


Toni Trpkovski

Chief Technology Officer, Seavus

Toni Trpkovski is part of Seavus Group for 15 years during which has taken part of many Business Transformations, Modernization and Innovation projects in US and Europe. He's been driving AI initiatives and data analytics projects for many years, speaking on how to identify a use case, organizational readiness of companies identifying and adopting AI as inevitable for the future. 

Anna Carlsson

Founder of HR Digi & Digitaliseringspodden

Anna Carlsson is an experienced and inspiring HR Tech Analyst and Consultant focusing on creating modern organizations that unleash the potential of the co-workers using the latest digital tools on the market. In her podcast Digitaliseringspodden Anna, together with her guests provides educational and inspirational content within digitalization for leaders and HR.

Matthis Karlsson

Sales and Business Development Manager at Developers Bay

Matthis Karlsson is Sales and Business Development Manager at Developers Bay. He has worked with sales in the recruitment and consultant industry for 10 years and has been involved in Developers Bay since the start in 2016. Matthis industry knowledge and holistic perspective is of great value in facing all kinds of challenges of everyday operations and he has a central role in business development as well as internal competence development.

Levent Guner

Data Scientist from Stratiteq

Levent is working as a Data Scientist at Stratiteq. He has been working with language models and practical applications of AI over 5 years mainly in healthcare and logistics fields, as well as tutoring Data Science classes at KTH and Istanbul Technical University. His main interest with AI is Natural Language Processing and Deep Neural Network structures.