8 main reasons to use the Footer add-on for Jira Service Management

8 main reasons to use the Footer add-on for Jira Service Management

1. What was the main reason for developing this app?
The main reason for developing this app is the necessity for the Service Management Portals to correspond with the EU GDPR regulations. The footer section can contain all the data regarding the company (name, GDPR documentations, Privacy Policy hyperlinks 

2. What are the key features of this app?
The main feature of this app is allowing the customers to configure and customize their own footer section on the Service Management Portals. The configuration can be done by adding company name, contact details, links to other resources like GDPR documents etc. and applying it to the Service Desk Portals.

3. For what type of companies is mainly applicable this app small businesses or large corporations?
Our app is applicable from small businesses and all the way to large/enterprise corporations.

4. Is there a limitation in number of users that can implement this app?
There is no limitation of users that can implement this app. This app works on a customer basis, so one customer can provide this app to their user base, whether it is one or over 10.000 users. 

5. Is it limited for use only within European union or can companies worldwide use this app?
Our app is stored on the Atlassian Marketplace and can be installed and used globally (where the Marketplace is available). 

6. Can users easily implement this app by themselves?
The app is listed on the Atlassian Marketplace. The users can easily install the app by searching it on Marketplace, click “Try it free” (to add the app to the Jira Service Management cloud instance), and you are all set up. If they see that the app meets their demands and business requirements, the customers can easily apply for an affordable subscription via the Atlassian Marketplace. 

7. Is Seavus providing support and what type?
Seavus provides support resources for this app. There is documentation of how the app works. The customers of the app can email the vendor and submit a support request on the Footer for JSM Service Management Portal in form of: Report a problem or propose a feature. All these links are visible on the vendor page on Atlassian Marketplace.

8. In what way users can inform themselves regarding the updates that are going on?
We are regularly updating the app and all changes can be tracked via the Atlassian Marketplace. We also have a close relationship with our customers, so we maintain direct communication with them to inform about new features, fixes, or changes. 

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