A Recap: Seavus and AI in 2018

2018 has been a great year in our AI-development endeavors! We had many clients for whom we implemented new AI solutions with long-term implications.

One of them was LVI-INFO (LVI-Numero Oy), a Finish company that now has a new AI member of their team. It was an AI proof of concept which evolved into a solution – a DoAI platform that influences a company’s productivity levels, working dynamics and drastically can improve the business environment. 

The AI was planned to be used for classification purposes of a database with over 160.000 products. In the first phase, a pilot test was done and tested on 10 000 products. The classification, however, had to meet the new technical ETIM standards on the HVAC market in Finland. Despite these challenges, the AI turned to be a great success with over 99% matching accuracy!

In an interview with Magnus Siren, Managing Director, we discussed that one of the advantages of AI is that it saves much time and can conduct real-life updates instead of having someone doing such monotonous work manually. What are the implications? An enormous amount of time saved!

Next, we developed an AI-powered Chatbot with a human touch that brings customer relationship to a whole new level. Chatbots were and will remain a hot topic in the world of technology in 2019 as well, so we invested in creating one that can recognize conversation intents and learn from each interaction.

How does it work? It is a symbiosis of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. It provides personalized conversations and content and thus increases the service center capacity. Plus, it is GDPR compliant.

In an interview for Telekom Idag, Marija Nikova, our Manager of Banking and Finance Division, said that “users should feel special when talking with their Smart Chatbot assistant. With the help of data, Chatbots will be able to conduct a behavioral analysis. In this way, they can act as an advisor and offer different solutions based on the user’s needs."

Who can benefit from it? Insurance companies, telcos, healthcare companies, banks, fintech and finance institutions and travel agencies, to name a few.

Last but not least is our Media Intelligence solution with Sentiment Analysis that can measure and quantify opinions with high accuracy. Powered by AI, and ML, it can boost businesses and help them make informed and strategic decisions while staying focused on their core business.

The platform provides insights into how certain content affects public opinion and detects the emotional response to a content shared on online media channels.

We can help you get the big picture and see where you stand against competitors. The end-result? Improved reputation management, gained new market opportunities, better customer service etc.

Our AI-research will continue next year as well. We strive to create new solutions to existing challenges and turn technology into business value.

As for 2018: we delivered and we advanced.

Looking forward to the AI challenges that 2019 will bring us!