Atlassian’s new Cloud Strategy made easy with Seavus

Atlassian’s main goal in the future is to become an all-cloud company, as this is recognized by the whole IT industry. To accomplish this, they have announced their plan to discontinue the sale of their server products

Their clear cloud strategy contains two solutions known as Atlassian Cloud (SaaS) and Atlassian Data Center (IaaS). According to Atlassian data, over 90% of new customers have already chosen Atlassian Cloud as their solution. For customers with strict residence policies and control, Atlassian offers the Data Center solution as an alternative.

As of February 2, 2021, Atlassian will no longer be selling its new perpetual server (on-premise) licenses. On February 2, 2024, the following change will go into effect, meaning that support and bug fixes will not be available for server licenses.


If you are an on-premise, server customer, in the period between the upcoming 3 years, we can guide you through the process of deciding which of the two available solution will be more suitable for your company, the Atlassian Cloud or Atlassian Data Center. However, if you are a company that works in high and strictly regulated sectors and can’t simply just move to the cloud, Seavus is here to guide your decision to fit your organization and facilitate a smooth transition.


Seavus, as a Gold Atlassian Partner with certified specialists with proven knowledge and vast experience, can assist you in upcoming changes.

Taking into consideration that this is a big change, it can be overwhelming to understand it, plan the upcoming steps, and execute the move. Seavus is here to assist you with the strategy, plan, and implementation of a successful migration, regardless of which solution suits you the best. We know every organization is different, with different needs and priorities, and we are committed to supporting you in navigating through this change and ensure you make the right choices.


Please take a close look at the changes and options available to you:

Together with Atlassian, Seavus will nurture and unleash the potential of your teams!

Schedule a session with us to learn more about the options available to you as soon as the change in the license prices are implemented, as well as the future steps after February 2nd when Atlassian will stop selling new server licenses.

In addition, you can read about our offers for servers to cloud migration and server to data center migration.

Let Seavus assist you in your successful move to the Cloud or Data Center story!