Be the first to implement Salesforce Loyalty Management with Seavus experts

Seavus, as a Salesforce partner, is well-equipped to implement Loyalty Management for B2B and B2C customers across industries including retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, and hospitality.

According to McKinsey, since the pandemic, three out of four American consumers have tried a new shopping behavior and 80% of them intend to stick with it. As customer expectations continue to increase, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to engage with customers and fulfill their needs.

Did you know that it is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep one? This means keeping your customers happy and loyal is more important than ever. Loyalty programs provide a powerful way to maintain existing customers, acquire new ones, and capture valuable customer insights.

Customer loyalty programs originate back to 1793 when some U.S merchants started to give their customers copper tokens to redeem in a future purchase. Since that time, they have kept evolving – from Box Tops with coupons and prizes in cereal boxes, to a modern-day currency-based frequent-flyer program to recognize their most loyal members. Providing the right technology and metrics is key to success. Next-generation loyalty programs are all about driving dynamic experiences and personalized rewards, with the goal to engage customers and transform them into advocates.

Recognizing the importance of customer loyalty for the overall customer experience and expectations when interacting with businesses, as well as the need for one centralized place for all of the customers' data, Salesforce introduced a new product that will reimage customer loyalty - the Loyalty Management program.

Salesforce’s Loyalty Management is built on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform and works across all Salesforce products, including Marketing Cloud, CDP, Sales Cloud, the Experience Cloud, and many more. The Loyalty Management program allows companies to build intelligent loyalty programs for both B2B and B2C customers with a flexible, configurable, and quickly deployable solution that fits their specific needs.

Easily implement Salesforce Loyalty Management with Seavus

Seavus as a Salesforce partner is well-equipped to implement Loyalty Management for B2B and B2C customers across industries including retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, travel, and hospitality. We have the knowledge and experience to provide organizations with guidance and solutions to build and strengthen loyalty programs for customers. The main advantage of working with us is that we assist you in defining the best possible personalized experience for your customers and in finding a proper solution for engaging loyalty programs that can be quickly implemented and easily customized.

"Organizations with high levels of customer loyalty outperform their competition, so it's critical they provide their customers with valuable and memorable experiences to build trust," said David Schmaier, CEO, Salesforce Industries. "Loyalty Management allows companies across industries to evolve their loyalty programs from transactional to human-centric by delivering personalized, relationship-building moments to each customer."

Our Project Manager from the Telecom division, Biljana Barukchieva, explains that “a loyalty program is an extension of a company brand and one of the more outward-facing tactics an organization can use in order to strengthen their relationship with their customers, going beyond awareness-building and one-off promotions to drive sales by enabling ongoing communications and value generation with customers”.

For example, Telecommunication services are now more requested than ever, to the point that telecom companies may find themselves struggling to keep up with the surge in demand. However, the new influx of people working at home, students being homeschooled and binge-watchers on streaming platforms are more aware than ever, and may switch to another provider if unsatisfied. So, the most important task is: to keep these customers! From increasing the available touchpoints, to better personalization, telecommunication loyalty programs are capable of driving any business KPIs the company need. Having an all-round customer retention tool is especially important in the current situation, not only to retain long-standing customers, but also to keep new ones that were attracted during home isolation.

How can Seavus assist you with Salesforce Loyalty Management?

  • Integrate loyalty programs throughout the entire organization with one platform – Aside from the integration into the Salesforce Customer 360, Seavus experts will assist you in integrating your external systems with APIs and integrating third party solutions from the Salesforce AppExchange to provide an end-to-end customer experience across all touchpoints.
  • Personalized and unique loyalty offerings – With Seavus experts, you will be able to easily understand all of the customers’ data from marketing interactions, purchase history to website visits, and based on those insights together we can create personalized and engaging loyalty programs across all channels.
  • Measurement of loyalty program insights - The Salesforce Loyalty Management has analytics that is built on Tableau with Einstein embedded, helping companies understand what is working and enabling them to adjust programs or processes on the go. Embedding loyalty insights and translating them into valuable data, along with Seavus experts, you will gain powerful data about customers' preferences and behavior from the digital footprints of customer interactions, thus allowing the data to do the work for you.

Additionally, we have more and more clients interested in utilizing Salesforce products, and we are always open for skilled people with a primary focus on custom Salesforce development and integration with a third-party solution. Our dedicated and certified Salesforce team understands how the client intends to use the software, identifying the needed core platform functionality and closely works with our clients to support their needs and requirements. If this sounds like a place you would be interested in, it is a great time to join our team and grow your career further.

In conclusion, to keep up with the customers’ expectations and find ways to drive the business value further, companies need to provide a more personalized customer experience and evolve their loyalty programs to fulfill customers' expectations. If you are looking for a way to improve your loyalty programs, Salesforce Loyalty Management is the right solution for you. The solution will be generally available in February 2021, so reach out to prepare everything on time and to start nurturing loyal and lifelong customers!