How Seavus strengthens its muscles and broadens its range of solutions after the acquisition

Seavus has been acquired by the Czech ARICOMA Group. With this change, Seavus gets access to a broader range of solutions to offer its clients.

"With a new, strong owner we can focus more on our consulting services, and we have a better opportunity to accept larger clients while offering better solutions to our existing clients", says Kocha Boshku, CEO of Seavus.

Recently, it was also announced that ARICOMA GROUP is acquiring the Swedish IT consulting firm Stratiteq in order to strengthen its presence in the Nordic countries. Seavus is a software development and consulting firm with more than 20 years of experience in providing advanced business solutions in IT.

The company, which was founded in Malmö and Skopje, has more than 800 IT experts and offers a variety of different solutions and service options, focusing on the Northern European and American markets.

In December of last year, it was announced that ARICOMA Group, which is a part of the Czech conglomerate Karel Komárek's KKCG, was going to acquire Seavus.

Within ARICOMA Group, there are other software development and consulting firms focusing on the Central European market.

"Now, we suddenly have 3500 employees in what constitutes the IT part of KKCG Group. We can utilize this and offer better solutions to our clients", says Kocha Boshku.

Challenging Global Giants

At the same time, they can take on larger projects and seriously challenge bigger competitors, who are primarily based in the U.S. and India.

"We're becoming a major player, but with a European profile. That will fit many clients here", he says.

Seavus has put a big emphasis on the banking, finance and telecommunications sector. Now, they will be able to put a bigger emphasis on building and offering a larger selection of even better consulting services. Together with other companies in ARICOMA Group, Seavus will now be able to offer solutions in adjacent fields, such as cloud services and data center solutions.

Another Company in the Group Specializes in Security

"This is a really hot topic. Now we'll be able to offer this as well to our own, existing clients", says Kocha Boshku. 

At ARICOMA Group, they see the acquisition of Seavus as a way to reach several markets in Europe, but also as a way to strengthen its position in the U.S.

Ludovic Gaudé is a Custom Software Development Operations Manager at ARICOMA Group.

"In the coming years, Seavus will keep its own identity and brand. One goal is to expand as a part of ARICOMA Group, both through acquisitions and organic growth, and within five years become a European Unicorn", he says.

Swedish Stratiteq is Another Acquisition

At the start of September, ARICOMA Group also finalized its acquisition of the Swedish IT company Stratiteq, with offices in both Malmö and Stockholm, and more than 100 employees.

Stratiteq helps its clients develop their data-driven capabilities by delivering digital solutions and implementing strategies. Their areas of expertise are mass transportation, service companies, and the manufacturing industry.

 – "In Stratiteq we have found a real piece of gold. Their merits are impressive, with many innovative projects with both regional and international businesses. They will strengthen our group and we will accelerate their growth. It's a perfect mix", says Ludovic Gaudé.

The article was originally published on Dagens Industri.