A Swedish non-governmental organization, Cluster 55 that successfully operates as a strategic facilitator of development and international networking of IT companies worldwide officially declared Igor Lestar, the Seavus Group CEO, the IT ambassador of the Balkans.

At the official proclamation, held recently in Skopje, an agreement was signed that will allow IT companies in Macedonia and the Balkans a better and more open access to international markets.

“The signing of this agreement will allow regional companies a centralized and easier integration with the international market. This agreement represents a significant advancement in the process of side-by-side parallel development rate of the IT industry in Macedonia and the region with the dynamic growth of international companies in the same industry. It is both a privilege and responsibility to receive the title of the IT ambassador of the Balkans, one that I believe will bring great benefits to many parties in this region”, said Igor Lestar at the signing of the cooperation agreement.

The contract model allows companies instant access to information and contacts from all IT organizations worldwide, a higher level of cooperation, free exchange of ideas, experiences and business networking.

According to Philip Stankovski, a project manager from Swedish Cluster 55, the logic of functioning of this model is simple and it is based on traditional solidarity and trust. Cluster 55 is a Swedish organization founded in 1999 whose main role is connecting IT companies around the world in order to promote and expand business globally.

As a company, Seavus gained international prominence by recognizing the great importance of fostering international cooperation and the major role it has for the development of the IT sector.