[Interview]: On the Business Value of Cherwell beyond IT Service Desks

In this interview with Mario Marjanovic, Technical Manager, and Radmila Georgievska Dimoska, Senior Developer at Seavus Managed Services Division, we talked about the perks of implementing Cherwell’s ITSM, the joint vision of Seavus’ partnership with Cherwell and the benefits of having a single point of contact vendor that will fuel your digital transformation.

Mario, could you tell me a bit more about the benefits of implementing Cherwell’s ITSM?

Mario: Cherwell made a breakthrough in the last couple of years and it has become one of the top vendors in the ITSM world. If we talk about enterprise-wide ITSM solutions, then we need to count on Cherwell as one of the most revolutionary on the market. There are many business values and benefits that it brings to the table, among which productivity increase, automation, reduced time to build custom workflows, and faster resolution of tickets when we talk about saving employees’ time in working on tickets within a service desk. There are many features already integrated into Cherwell, reports and analytics that allow KPI tracking and best control to guarantee superior delivery and faster performance.

I’d also add one more benefit - more satisfied employees and a better user experience. The application is user-friendly and with a modern design as it can be consumed via multi-channels, so end-users or service desk agents can easily track all incoming requests, incidents, changes, issues, etc. Not to mention that it lowers the total costs of handling all IT processes and has a fairly easy implementation and upgrade. CSM (Cherwell Service Management) can be implemented quite faster than other ITSM solutions. In a nutshell, it increases productivity, it’s cost-effective, saves much time and resources, it’s and highly customizable.


Radmila, you’ve been working in Seavus for 13 years now. Tell me about the experience you’ve had with Cherwell products. What are the advantages?

Radmila: We have experience with Cherwell for almost 3 years now, supporting a Swiss client from the Telco industry with Cherwell’s implementation. Cherwell is very easy to use but also, from a developer’s point of view, very easy to configure and to administrate. It is based on Microsoft technologies with which I and my team are very well acquainted. We’ve been working with Microsoft technologies for quite a while and that helps us dig deeper into Cherwell, and to complement it with additional tools or scripts or anything needed to make more complex scenarios work. Cherwell is not just an ITSM solution, it’s a platform for which you don’t have to limit yourself to use it just as an ITSM service. It integrates very well with other systems so it can be used as an orchestration system, or to communicate with other systems.

What our customers find very useful is the easy to configure self-service portal since a new portal can be integrated as easy as the default one. So, in a way, Cherwell is used as a middle system so that customers could communicate with back-end systems which are very secured by nature and entail many protections and restrictions. From a tech perspective, it’s very tech-friendly and we at Seavus feel very comfortable using it. It’s very easy to use and administrate, you can do very complex and advanced setups which, in the end, always work. There are always some challenges, of course, since Cherwell as any other platform has its limitations, but most of the time we manage to find a workaround and successfully implement the initial requirements that were requested.


With that being said, what is the business value of Cherwell and who can benefit from it? Why Cherwell?

Mario: Cherwell can be used for both enterprise-wide companies and middle and smaller businesses because it can easily handle all IT processes: custom workflows can be build that will support any business department with the same services, especially if we talk about HR, Sales, Marketing, Legal or Finance. If we talk about the digital transformation of the internal business processes, it comes in very handy as it’s a very comfortable and well-built solution.

Radmila: Definitely, and I’d like to add two things: Cherwell offers an out-of-the-box solution so any business (big or small) that wants to cover their internal processes can already use the out-of-the-box version of Cherwell. Of course, if additional customization for more complex processes is needed, customization on top of the out-of-the-box version can be made. It’s also possible to start implementing everything from scratch according to requirements.

The other key point is the licensing. Cherwell has a very flexible and simple concurrent licensing. Clients are being charged by the number of licenses and may start with just a few and add some extra if needed. The implementation time, depending on the requirements, could take just a few weeks. This also depends on the number of people that has to be trained to use it. On top of that, its administration is effortless: people working within the organization can manage and handle simple customizations so companies don’t have to consult with Cherwell partners for simple changes.


Seavus’ new partnership with Cherwell means new goals and new expectations. What’s the joint vision?

Mario: As Radmila mentioned, we’ve been working for a Swiss Telco partner for the last 3 years and we’re maintaining their Cherwell solution, customize it and now, as a Cherwell partner, we have a bigger goal. Cherwell is a very proactive partner so we’d love to use this opportunity to expand our business, to expand our customer base and, of course, to certify more of our technical staff. We are currently working on expanding our certified team and the first step is to have at least 4 accredited engineers within the next few months. We have daily exchanges and communication with Cherwell, as both companies want to take and make the most of the partnership. Probably the one word that would describe our partnership is enthusiasm.

A new partner means new business opportunities, new mountains to conquer. Cherwell has already a very strong influence on the US market but now they are very focused on the European market to expand their business. And they’re looking for proactive partners that can help. In that respect, Seavus has been chosen as one of the partners in Europe that can answer their needs. As one of the few European partners, we have big plans to cover the Nordic, Western-European, and the Benelux area.


Radmila, since you’ve already had some hands-on experience, could you elaborate some more on how can Seavus help and what does it offer in terms of ITSM implementation?

Radmila: Yes, at Seavus we cover implementation, configuration, consultancy, maintenance, but also hosting solutions. As Managed Services Partners, we offer, sell and resell licenses, implementation and support for existing Cherwell implementations. Our future clients won’t have to look for different things in different vendors – they can find everything in Seavus as their one-stop-shop and a single point of contact. We have a long history and a successful portfolio in managed services, so we expect Cherwell to be another success story.


Not to forget your seminar on Cherwell’s products coming soon on November 19 in Stockholm, what could attendees expect from the event?

Mario: The event will be a great opportunity for us to inform our existing customers (some of which already using some ITSM products) that we are working with Cherwell and can help them upgrade their existing Service Desk, while also inform those that are already thinking about starting their digital transformation, that time is running out and they’ll have to keep pace with the ever-changing world of service management systems. And that we are here to help them in the transformation of their internal and external processes. We’ll also have a Cherwell representative coming to present the product and its main benefits via a short demo. Also, my colleague Radmila will present our experience and expertise in the field. Cherwell doesn’t have a partner in the Stockholm area at all, and it will be Seavus’ job to cover and fuel the digital transformation in this area in the future.

Radmila: As one of the speakers at the seminar, my goal is to present the key values of Cherwell. With a focus on the technical aspects in terms of how easy it is to administrate it, I’ll show some examples and demos on simple scenarios and I’ll be there to answer any questions from the audience. I think it will be an inspiring seminar and I’m looking forward to it.


If interested in the topic, read more about the after work seminar that Seavus is organizing on November 19 at their Stockholm office.