Kocha Boshku, CEO of Seavus Group: Remotization – a solution for companies in times of crisis, but also for the future

With 20 years of experience in remote work, Seavus now helps its customers through the ongoing Corona pandemic.
With the Remotization concept, we have previously offered to take the overall IT operations of companies, from management to development, by providing dedicated teams of experts.
Now, we are reaching out to companies who have been hit hard by the crisis.
– We can offer a large reduction of costs, but with a retained or improved delivery, says Kocha Bosku, CEO of Seavus Group.

The ongoing Corona epidemic has changed the way many organizations work. The number of employees working from home has increased worldwide during the last few weeks, often with good results. 

– What many will discover when this is over, is that remote work can actually work really well, says Kocha Boshku.

At Seavus, the employees have 20 years of experience at working remotely in different industries. Our business is mainly situated in eastern and southeastern Europe and Sweden, but the clients are from all over the world.

At an early stage, Seavus developed the Remotization concept, which means having a team of 20-50 people to take over the entirety or parts of the client companies’ IT operations, such as software development, security issues, data storage, and application management.

Seavus’ teams are close-knit

Throughout the years, Seavus has invested in working according to the nearshoring model and has trained employees in how to work together in an effective manner. The teams are well-drilled for their task also within the group. They have good synergy in their work habits and communication, and work in line with each other’s work.

This means that we are effective in our work from day one with a new client, especially at tasks that demand teamwork within the group.

Kocha Boshku now predicts that an increasing amount of companies will embrace this type of solution.

– Many companies are experiencing tough times now and will have to cut down on costs harshly. A good way is outsourcing the IT operations to companies such as ours, he says.

An advantage with Remotization from a business perspective is that the client can utilize the expertise of the teams working remotely. In practice, this means that they can transfer all work done on-site to a team from Seavus. There, Seavus takes care of all business services, including HR, team building, team maintenance, and career growth, all the while offering a complete selection of services to them.

– The strength in what we offer compared to outsourcing isolated functions to individual sub-contractors, is that we have so much experience in working remotely, even as a group, says Kocha Boshku.

We have access to two data centers of our own, 16 offices and staff from 17 countries. We have broad experience in working with different companies and in different cultures.

New experience comes from outside

One advantage that clients tend to discover is the new perspectives that Seavus’ team contributes with, about how to do things beyond already established limits.

– New ideas are born when the client’s established way to do things is challenged, and we can introduce new knowledge to the client’s project based on the large amount of experience our engineers have obtained from different projects in different domains and technologies, says Kocha Boshku.

Everything Seavus does is done remotely, even the training of the client companies’ staff. One of the routines is to have one or two daily meetings – Daily Scrum – via video conference, with everyone involved, in order to check off and exchange experience.

Remotization is here to stay

The ongoing Corona pandemic has forced many companies throughout the world to rethink things. With closed borders and a halt on most of the world’s air traffic, Kocha Boshku believes that remote work and Remotization are here to stay.

– I don’t think everything will return to how it was before when this crisis is over. Many will discover the advantages of Remotization. Besides establishing Business Continuity, it enables companies to focus on their profit-generating core task, while we handle everything else. More and more will start to work according to this model, he says.

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