Olivera Gegovska, HR Manager: "Seavus is truly grateful for having so many people with high level of dedication"

Being part of Seavus means being part of a company that cares not just for the delivery on assignments, but much other versatile work and life aspect of the people, which have the flexibility to adapt the professional obligations with their private lives, knowing they belong to a huge and supportive international family. About the importance of human resources today, we discussed with Olivera Gegovska, HR Manager at Seavus.

How did Seavus managed through the pandemics of 2020, both in terms of financial results and in terms of the working conditions – switching to remote work as well as managing relations with the employees and clients?

The year 2020 was challenging for us, as for many other companies already. Initially, we were startled by the unpredictability, of the near future development holds, both for us and on a global scale too. The world rapidly changed in the way we communicate, plan our assignments, meet our clients and colleagues, as well as how we do our business in general. Even more so, when the security and the health of our valuable staff and the people around the world were in imminent threat, it was a no-brainer for us, that ensuring security and protection is of utmost priority, and we immediately declared work from home, as a corporate standard on a group level.

The switch to the remote setting was going really smooth for us, since this model of work was nothing novel, in the terms of how we handle business endeavors already, for many years before the pandemics. All the necessary equipment, processes, standards, and tools, which are to enable this type of approach, were set on their positions long before. Regardless of all the calamities globally, 2020 still was the best year for us, in terms of business opportunities. In addition to all this, the year 2020, was highly beneficial for us in terms of new significant milestones too. Seavus became part of Aricoma Group, the largest IT Holding in the Czech Republic, which is part of Karel Komarek’s KKCG.

Let’s talk about the corporate culture. For example, the concept of work and life balance which is quite significant today, is it part of Seavus’s corporate culture, way of work?

Always. The wellbeing of our employees is of great importance to us since it is also an integral part of our corporate culture, way before this pandemic. This is how things are nowadays too. The work-life balance concept of our company aims at boosting a positive organizational climate and atmosphere on all levels in our company. By providing proper working conditions, we facilitate the creation of a healthy, motivational environment that both retains and attracts talent. Our benefits packages are also directed toward the improvement of the employee’s quality of life, balance, connections, bonding, as well as physical and mental wellbeing overall. Of the major social and health benefits, that we offer to all our employees, we can point out the following: flexible working time; remote work; sports center (gym) at work, walking/running treadmills or sports equipment at the offices; online Yoga and Aerobic classes; sports vouchers; participation at major running marathons in each community; Football and Futsal leagues; Basketball tournaments; Volleyball tournament; Table tennis championships; etc. In addition, during the pandemic, we proactively created our customized wellbeing platform.

Having in one place, wide array of online topics, presentations, training programs, digital video materials, useful web pages, applications, podcasts, activities, and many more, we address the: physical, physiological, and psychological wellbeing, support, and consultancy to all our employees. The categories we encompass with this site are the following: stress, anxiety, and resilience; family, kids, and relationships; productivity and performance; healthy lifestyle, exercise and body awareness; mindfulness and meditation; professional psychological support helpline; as well as social, fun, and art. Finally, the segments of our corporate life which are adored by many employees, are the social events, gatherings, bodings, and parties both in physical and virtual settings.

What kind of opportunities for career development does Seavus nurture?

When it comes to career opportunities, our company goes all out toward obtaining constant advancement, growth, and excellence for the employees. This dedication, for more than 10 years, triggers the design of a variety of training and development opportunities, resulting in continuous knowledge expansion and competency development. The purpose of this process is to define a standardized line of actions that need to be undertaken by both the management and the HR Department of the company, to strengthen the knowledge and expertise that our employees possess. Seavus designs its versatile training programs, on basis of general corporate training needs assessment, the target audiences, client's demands, as well as the planning and the future development of the company's strategic approach.

Taking into consideration all these elements and the requirements of the necessity for synergy of both technical and soft skills, our company invests in a variety of conferences, trainings, workshops, certifications, provided by external training providers; as well as custom in-house training programs and team buildings with internal trainers and hosts, intended to meet the training and development needs on all corporate levels.

What kind of trainings does Seavus offer?

Our dedication to training and career development starts as of initiation in Seavus. The new employees in our company are encompassed by the introductory basic onboarding program - for all new employees, and advanced onboarding training program - for managerial positions, which gives them the most important information of the way we approach things internally, on how we communicate, correspond, plan our time, work in our teams, decide, resolve difficult situations, sustain our culture, as well as handle the internal processes and procedures. On top of this, we organize a wide variety of digital trainings which are available as a new and refreshment courses for the employees need basis. Concerning the technology-related career development, our company offers a wide variety of training and development events in Microsoft technologies, .NET, Embedded C, C++, C#, Java, Linux, Cisco, Front End, Oracle, Quality Assurance, DBA, Azzure, Magento, Project Management, etc. Additionally, the company encompasses soft-skills training and programs in Communication Skills, Time Management, Working in Teams, Security and Environmental Awareness, Responsibility and Accountability, Writing Skills, Business Etiquette and Ethics, Presentation Skills, Mentorship, Performance Management, Train the Trainer, Negotiation Skills, Influence, Conflict Management, Decision Making, Managing Change, Resilience as well as long term enrollment to English Classes, Sales Training Programs, Managerial and Leadership Training Programs for the senior and management positions, etc.

We invest in training and career development for not only employees, but also vast majority of external candidates and students, by organizing specialized events, in terms of: Hackathons, Code Talks, Technology Challenges, Talent Programs and Cooperation with Faculties and Educational Institutions elsewhere. Our dedication toward profound career development of all levels in our company can be also seen, by the establishment of our training and development center called Seavus Educational and Development Center (SEDC), many years ago, which as a commercial education and certification center, offers Prometric, Pearson VUE, Certiport, and ECDL certifications and also delivers various commercial IT and Business courses and academies for the general public.

What is the future of the way of work in Seavus? How long will you work remotely?

The concept of a remote working setting can only function, if the commitment, dedication, responsibility, accountability, and trust of all endpoints engaged in the business process are properly aligned. We are truly grateful and admired for having so many people with that level of dedication and professionalism in our company. In addition, to assess the employee's vision for the future of the altered business circumstances and the preferences of the majority, when it comes to the working setting and environment, we conduct recurring Pulse Check surveys on a corporate level. The results of these surveys demonstrate that roughly 70% of the employees incline toward the continuation of working in a remote setting in near future too. So, for the time being, we are continuing this global remote work approach for sure, by at least the end of 2021.

As for the next calendar year, the answer about the work setting will be different for each organization individually. For ours, depending on talent needs, clients' requirements, collaboration necessities, the nature of work assignments, will for sure be a hybrid model of both the office and remote work, since there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It will greatly depend on the business's requirements and functions of different job positions within our organizational structure. We are currently elaboration with our leadership team, on the ways to support this new hybrid model of work, since the permanent change, also requires exceptional change management skills. One of the plans for the near future, for example, will be to provide a redesign and a new fresh look to our office spaces, transforming them into open collaboration public spaces, that can support this new hybrid way of work.

What does Seavus Life incorporate? How does it affect you personally?

Being part of Seavus for more than 15 years is a hallmark and milestone on its own. If I can point out some of the aspects, that keep me going, first is the HR team – my continuous support and strength, a team dedicated to the care of the people. Then, being eager and motivated to continue my career further, in the years to come are the trust, the sense of belonging, the possibility to work independently, the flexibility I am given, the open and transparent communication, being able to work among the greatest people, working on par with an exceptional leadership team out of which you can learn and grow, which at the same time is open for fresh ideas, that will bring our company on the next level.

In addition to all this, I am adding the constant feeling I am having, of heading straight forward in continuous growth all these years, prove of which currently is the latest acquisition and becoming an integral part of the highly valued and successful Aricoma Group. Also, I cannot forget the best parties before the pandemic and the bonding they create for the people, which we miss during this period.

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