Seavus Accelerator Invests EUR 200.000 in Startup Synapse

Official announcements confirm that Seavus Accelerator’s first major investment, worth EUR 200.000, has been made into Synapse Aviation, a startup that took part in their acceleration program.  

Synapse Aviation’s services are aimed at improving safety and efficiency in the aviation industry. Their Airport Briefing platform provides operative visualization, smooth communication and information sharing for the aircrew. It is a tool that significantly reduces the risk of errors by facilitating all operations that take place on a plane. More specifically, this solution features a display of information about airports, routes, maps and graphs. It also includes information from supporting documents concerning aircraft flight operations, special airport procedures and contingency procedures.              

Synapse Aviation was founded by Filip Arsov and Koco Mojsov in 2016, and it has since shown significant success in terms of product development and cooperation with major global players.

“Synapse Aviation is a company with huge potential for a breakthrough in the global aviation industry and one of the most promising startups not only in our portfolio but in the country as well, which is why we were delighted to have them in our acceleration program. The decision to invest in Synapse Aviation was made after a long period of mutual cooperation, observation and mentorship, during which they demonstrated full readiness to respond to the needs of the fast-growing market. They have a clear strategy and focus in terms of attracting global players, such as Lufthansa Group, and most importantly they have a strong and responsible team that is always ready for cooperation,” says Vesna Ivanovska, manager of Seavus Accelerator.        

“Seavus Accelerator’s investment couldn’t have been more timely as we are now entering the implementation phase of the agreement with Lufthansa Group, according to which 10.000 pilots from different airlines are about to start using the stable third version of our Airport Briefing platform. Our main goal in the last seven years was to develop Airport Briefing, but it was also a period in which we matured and developed as a team. I am confident that the support we got from Seavus Accelerator will play a great role in our future development,” says Filip Arsov, cofounder of Synapse Aviation.      

Seavus Accelerator is the first corporate accelerator in Macedonia that supports technological and impact-oriented startup companies. It is funded by the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development, the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE), Startup Wise Guys, Spring Activators, Accelerate2030, and others. 

In the past four years, Seavus Accelerator has implemented five accelerator programs, three of which were regional – Tech Boost Programs, and one was global – Accelerate2030. These programs helped 33 Macedonian startups to establish international cooperation and visibility beyond the borders of our country, and some of them received investments from regional partner organizations and funds.