Seavus Group is pleased to announce that it has acquired Alexandria Education IT Center, the oldest institution for specialized IT education in Macedonia.

Alexandria Education has been actively operating on the Macedonian and regional market since 1993, producing many generations of modern engineers through advanced trainings and courses in information technologies. The negotiation process between the two companies has been successfully completed and as of today Alexandria Education is officially part of SEDC.

Seavus Group envisions this acquisition as a major and impactful step toward in the further development of the Macedonian IT market, one that will help reach top level of expertise in the developed IT world. The management of both companies has agreed to maintain the Alexandria brand, its team of trainers and the existing activities portfolio. This acquisition is one of the few and rare cases of domestic takeovers in Macedonia. The plan for implementation of the acquisition strategy includes ambitious long-term development, taking into account the 20 years of experience of Alexandria Education and the successful, modern and proactive strategy of Seavus Group and SEDC. One of the main purposes of the acquisition of Alexandria under the Seavus umbrella is generating IT professionals with superior knowledge and competence in top areas to better respond to the dynamics of ever-chaining IT trends.