The new strategic partnership with i-docs aims to provide the key industries such as financial and telecommunications with quality innovative technologies and services to enhance and streamline company infrastructures

i-docs is a suite of Business Support System software modules designed for large international corporations (banks, insurance companies and telecommunications providers…), that depend on their systems to ensure business continuity and to handle large quantities of sensitive data in a secure environment. Their prime directive is to add value to operations through strategic Customer Communications Management. Their Customer Communications Management solutions enable organizations to minimize operating costs, increase marketing opportunities for cross-sales and for faster Time-to-Market, reduce churn rate and fully exploit existing investments. It can easily be integrated with numerous backoffice systems such as core banking applications, billing, ERP, CRM and Enterprise Content Management systems. i-docs has offices and software development centers in Munich, Paris, Tel Aviv and Athens and installations in 8 countries.
With a mission to solve the ever changing business needs with innovative solutions, Seavus aims to provide state-of-the-art solutions inspired by the customers themselves, which fits together nicely with the i-docs ideal of making every customer count. The i-docs Customer Communication Management software package is a flexible solution that brings businesses closer to their end users by offering interactive portals, mobile communications and a return to 1:1 Marketing with personalized e-invoicing / e-statements.
“It was a clear choice and a positive step forward to combine resources and innovative technologies from these two very successful agile and forward thinking companies, whose mutual goal is to provide a best-of-breed, yet flexible solutions for their clients.” Holger Ochsenknecht, VP Business Development at i-docs™.