Seavus people are making a statement against poverty

Seavus people across the world are joining the International Anti-poverty Week. They are making a statement against poverty by collecting clothes, toys and food for people who need it the most, people from the most vulnerable categories!

“Seasons are changing, and it is this time of the year when we are all cleaning up our closets and storerooms”, says Branka Bugariska, Marketing Manager at Seavus Group. “So why don’t we give our old and used clothes a second life, and help those who are less fortunate? This is a good chance for all of us to free our closets and storerooms, and yet make a good thing, make a difference in the lives of people in poverty and in need”, she adds.

Beside clothes, Seavus is collecting shoes, kids’ clothes, toys, even belts, purses, accessories, bedding and sheets, sports gear, books, technical equipment, etc., but also food for the homeless people and people living in poverty or in shelters.

The initiative is organized in coordination with the local charity organizations in all the countries where Seavus is present, from Macedonia and Serbia, to Sweden and Belarus.