The Business Complex CoSeed is an ecosystem for businesses and entrepreneurs established in the Republic of Macedonia. It is designed to empower, educate and enhance business productivity and growth, both within the complex and the region. Furthermore, it will be utilized to create and promote jobs, innovation and research, social and economic sustainability.

The environment has been created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. The Business Complex CoSeed offers flexibility, fun and focus – all the elements associated with successful business growth. From aspiring entrepreneurs to start-ups, from experienced entrepreneurs (those who tried, but didn’t succeed) to fast-growing companies; from virtual businesses to multinational empires, all will find the right ‘space’ and support to grow and be successful.

The CoSeed Business Complex includes virtual offices, facility space, flexible leases, shared use of common spaces and equipment, R&D facilities, direct business assistance, mentoring, networking, access to finance, and connections to new markets. Outreach facilities will ensure the CoSeed message is taken out to the local communities and regions.

CoSeed is founded by Seavus and MADI Group and is created so the entrepreneurship can be stimulated, innovation can be encouraged, partnerships will be developed and the access to funds will be eased.

MADI Group is a group of international private and social enterprises, and NGOs. The philosophy of the Group is to create innovative ideas tailored to local actions which can achieve global impacts beneficial to a sustainable society.

Seavus Group envisions the opening of the business complex as a major and impactful step towards the further development of the Macedonian entrepreneurial market, one that will help reach top level of expertise in the developed business world.