Seavus employees from Skopje office together in beautifying the company’s yard

Today, in the yard of Seavus Skopje buildings, Seavus Group employees planted 12 trees, as a symbol of our knowledge, expertise and growth.

“Seavus as a socially responsible company traditionally takes care to help the nature and the environment”, says Branka Bugariska, Marketing Manager at Seavus.

“As a part of our environmental program, together with all employees we planted a unique tree for each division in the company, and tried to make our garden even more beautiful”, she adds. “Each division planted their own tree to symbolize the longevity, growth and wisdom of the division. Seavus employees will continue to take care of the trees and the yard, contributing to have a beautiful garden which symbolizes and reflects company’s core values”, concludes Bugariska.