Seavus® Group announced its membership in TI Design Network, the industry’s ecosystem of well-established companies that provide products and services to complement TI semiconductors

By being a part of the TI Design Network, Seavus® emphasizes its strategic focus to provide top-notch solutions based on TI OMAP™ Mobile Processors. Leveraging its vertical expertize in Android™ optimization and Linux kernel development, Seavus is able to inspirit new soul in the devices and deliver cost-optimized user experience that has been keeping the customers amazed.

Applied in the field of TI technology based devices, where Android is the platform of choice, Seavus expertise and refined techniques of software development reduce costs by leveraging standardization across the TI ecosystem. We, as members of TI Design Network will help companies focus on differentiating better, instead of implementing faster.

Seavus embedded technology experts help the leading mobile platform manufacturers and their intermediate users achieve fast and reliable production of mobile devices and similar products in their portfolio.