Seavus has reached over 1000 employees

The international software development company Seavus, part of the Aricoma Group, announced a significant achievement, i.e., it exceeded the number of 1000 employees globally. Seavus, as the largest company within Aricoma, currently operates from 17 offices in 10 countries, successfully covering Europe and the United States.

The information about the jubilee number in the company was announced by the CEO of Seavus, Kocha Boshku. “I am very pleased to share that Seavus has just surpassed 1,000 employees. I congratulate everyone in the company for this inspiring achievement”, said Boshku.

The company's CEO said the pandemic and geopolitical developments had not slowed Seavus's growth. Current world events can not slow us down as we continue our journey. We are diverse, inclusive, young, but experienced, recognized, wonderful in soul and mind. Seavus is the strongest member of the family leading the international expansion of Aricoma Digital. We should all be proud of where we are now, and be aware that this marks a new beginning. I would like to thank all our fantastic people of Seavus in North Macedonia, Serbia, Sweden, Belarus, USA, Bosnia, Moldova, Turkey and Poland for their contribution and to continue the good work, pointed out Boshku.

For the past 23 years, Seavus has developed a strong corporate culture of diversity and inclusion, offers equal opportunities to its employees and is committed to their progress and career development. The number of over 1000 employees is a good reason to celebrate, but it also includes more than 100 job promotions, 4720 hours dedicated to training and coaching of 706 employees, in the last 12 months alone. At Seavus, 40% of employees are women who foster a culture of gender equality, which is one of the company's strongest values.