Seavus organize a hybrid event dedicated to the technological advancement in Banking and Fintech

Seavus, international software development and consulting company, organizes a hybrid event dedicated to the trends and challenges in banking and fintech industry.

It will address the topic “Keeping up with the dynamics of technology advancement in Fintech and Banks- trends and challenges” and is scheduled for December 3rd at 11 AM.

This year’s edition of our Nordic Banking event will be held in the House of Digital Innovation - Epicenter, Stockholm, and in addition event will be available online as well. Joakim Carlsson, Sales Director in Scandinavia at Seavus, will be the host of the event and he highlights that the hybrid model of the event will allow many interested to attend in person or via Internet, and those who will come in Epicenter will have the opportunity to talk to leading industry peers and share ideas.

Tatjana Boshevska, Banking Division Manager at Seavus, explains that Seavus is organizing this type of events periodically in order to present and introduce to our customer base and other companies our newest technology advancements and solutions for the Banking industry as well as for Fintech companies. “This year we are leaving the stage to our customers and partners to tell their success stories and latest progressions with the improvement of development processes, offering new products for customers or bringing state of the art Cloud-based services on the market, as unpretentiously we believe that we have contributed at least in small part for their success,” says Tatjana.

Since this will be a hybrid event, which will host some great names who are your partners and clients, Joakim Carlsson tells us more what the audience can expect from it:

- "The audience can expect to hear from our customers and partners from Marginalen Bank, Zebware, Boost AI, and Eurogiro, about trends and challenges, and how we are all together building a future for the Finance industry."

- "Indranil Sinha, Head of QA, Marginalen Bank will talk about solutions for Test automation and test autobahn, two siblings born in Marginalen Bank. Mats Larsson and Sofie Gulbrandsen from will present and talk about how to optimize and improve customers' experiences with Conversational AI and do a demo from the banking industry. Marie Johansson, CEO at Zebware, will talk about Innovation enabling high-performance hybrid-cloud solutions with excellent protection of data and present ZebWare Client, an innovative software-based cloud data memory bridge that serves cloud data at memory speed to applications."

We used this opportunity to ask Tatjana Boshevska to explain to us in what way does Seavus support its clients from the world of banking and fintech and what IT services and solutions do Seavus offers?

- "The radical transformation that is happening in the past 5+ years and is ongoing at the moment in the Banking world has been a positive force for the rapid development of new digital services.

Our specialized division for the development of software systems and platforms for Banks & Fintech companies is helping clients to faster and with high quality deliver new services to the market and gain a competitive advantage. 

We have a significant talent pool, knowledgeable and experienced teams, who with an innovative approach and supreme level of quality, is helping banks embrace the new digital era by developing new modern solutions that will redesign their digital services, automate business processes, improve customer experience and easily integrate with Fintech solutions, Payment processors, gateways and card processors, following all data security policies and regulations for PCI, GDPR compliance."

Considering Seavus's experiences in Nordics, Carlsson as a Sales Director for Scandinavia, answers about the state of Fintech industry in Sweden and where does Sweden stand when it comes to the process of digital transformation in the banking industry? 

- "The fintech industry in Sweden is very vibrant, with an enormous pool of innovative services and products for the customers and showcasing exceptional growth not only in Sweden and Nordics but also conquering Europe and USA markets as well. The Swedish Fintech Start-Up scene is actually leading the innovations on the worldwide level.

Sweden as a country has an objective to be the best in the world at utilizing the opportunities created by digitalization. Back in 2017, the Swedish National Digitalization Council was formed to promote the implementation of the government’s digitalization strategy. Backed by that, emerge of Neo banks/Digital banks is booming, with the digital-only type of services and products for their customers. Traditional banks are also embracing the digital trend and developing new products and services to achieve embedding of digital banking in the customer’s world of usage from anywhere and from any device."

If you are interested in seeing cutting-edge banking and fintech demos, hearing expert advice, and connecting with people who can help you take your organization to the next level, register for this inspiring event, whether you are able to join in person or online!