For the second time we joined forces with our partners and friends to help finalize the building of the Mama Azinael Hostel in Bangalala project, and assist Bangalala in Tanzaina to further develop its educational capacity and support the future of a sustainable community in the country.

Mama Azianel Hostel Bangalala is a hostel for girls studying at Bangalala Secondary School. Having nitially started in December 2009, the building of the hostel has traveled a long road with many funding obstacles. It is a pure success to see that this year has been a busy one, as the hostel building progressed rapidly during 2013. The bedroom ceilings are now completed, windows and doors are fitted with shutters and toilets and showers are installed. Tile floors have been laid to ground to give a nice, clean look of the hostel and keep up the hygiene level for the girls who will use the facility’s services.

A special festive ceremony took place recently in the hostel, where the official handling of the property was given to representatives from the education authorities in Tanzania.

We are happy to see that the project is now going into the final stage as the negotiations of ordering beds are underway, so very soon the girls from the Secondary school can move in!

This achievement would have never been possible without the readiness and commitment to the fundraising action and the generous support with donations! Seavus is proud to be part of the donation action and invest in the future and success of this project.

You can follow the progress on Facebook where you can see lots of pictures from the construction work as well as of other activates Hazina has undertaken.

We are looking forward to continuing our support of the work and ensure the children of Bangalala have a safe stay during their studies while receiving a good secondary school education.

The girls will now have a place to stay during their studies but the fundraising doesn’t stop here. The next important step is to ensure that the school has electricity and this is what the next fundraising campaign will be aimed at. We also want to make sure they are well looked after while they are away from their parents. The next project is therefore to build a small house next to the hostel for the matron that will be in charge of the hostel.

From organizations to ordinary people, everyone can support the Bangalala project. That is why we urge you to contact Hazina fundraising organization at and help speed up the success of the project.

We wish them all the best in 2014!