Seavus AI-powered Chatbot: Creating the next generation of digital assistants

Seavus continues to develop a Smart AI-powered Chatbot solution that will become the new intelligent digital assistant for the end customers.

With the usage of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, the new Smart AI based chatbot will bring the future today, and finally, people will have an intelligent conversation and interaction with the technology of tomorrow. The AI-based Chatbot will revolutionize customer service and support, check account balance and initiate direct payments, marketing, sales, or e-commerce.

We are exceptionally proud of our Smart AI ChatBot which can operate as a digital assistant and advisor for banks or for any other industry. So far, chatbots have been designed mainly for conversational purposes, or in other words, to answer a pre-defined set of questions. Seavus Smart ChatBot is more mature from the other chatbots because it is built using Artificial Intelligence”, says Marija Nikova, Division Manager of Banking and Finance at Seavus.

The Smart ChatBot can recognize user intent without having the question posed in an exact pre-defined manner. It learns from each interaction and gets more and more mature with every conversation. It is also a multi-service solution because it can initiate payments, transactions, exchange currencies and be used for analytics as well.

Apart from banks, it can also be used by insurance, telcos, healthcare, travel and real estate agencies, restaurant industries and e-commerce, and can be integrated on web channels, Facebook and Skype.

 “It enables companies to provide fast and personalized 24/7 interaction with their end customers, making them feel more special and modern, without having to wait in line for the needed answers. It takes customer relationship to a whole new level", Marija Nikova continues.

Ema Toshevska, Product Manager at Seavus says, “We can feel the benefits of using the Smart AI Chatbot directly in Seavus, by implementing the chatbot internally in our company for automatization and improvement of all corporate services: HR, legal, IT, logistics and business trips management. Our employees can start using the digital chatbot as an assistant that will answer their questions and provide guidance, thus our corporate services are being relieved from hundreds of repetitive questions they need to handle every day so they can focus on their primary service tasks. With this, we expect to decrease the costs of our corporate services and have our employees more and more satisfied with the fast service execution“.  

Seavus Group, located in 8 countries with 14 offices, also provides other solutions and products that deal with AI and digital transformation. Among them are AI Solution DoAI, Smart Wallet, Media Intelligence Solution and more.

Seavus will host a breakfast seminar on October 18, titled "Using AI in building the next generation of smart AI Chatbots”.  Our experts will talk about how to use Smart AI Chatbot to automate your business processes, cut operational costs and provide modern customer experience to the end users using AI.  

We'll discuss Business Chatbots as the new infrastructure during our seminar as part of Skane Innovation Week on May 24 in our Malmo office. Read more about the event and book your seat here. We'd be happy to see you there. 
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