Seavus Products team had a very productive summer period conceptualizing and developing new products but also improving the existing ones to better serve our clients’ needs.

Project Management solutions

Our continuous efforts to provide our clients with an integrated project management environment have resulted with several major releases in the past months.

Seavus’ worldwide recognized product Seavus Project Viewer is no longer just a viewer for MS® Project plans but also is an integral part of our new collaborative project management suite Seavus Project Evolution. This suite provides a setting where project managers and team members can communicate more effectively, work more efficiently and be closer to achieving project goals.

Another release that demonstrates our determination is the release of Seavus Project Planner, a low-cost project management solution that reduces project managers’ efforts to plan and track projects, manage resources as well as to track project’s costs.

Mind mapping solutions 
In continuance with the rich portfolio of remarkable project management tools, Seavus Products provided a way to round out the successful project planning and execution.

With the release of the newest mind mapping tool on the market, Seavus DropMind™, the set of products was enriched with a visually distinctive way of projects initiation and projects presentation that stimulates the logical way of thinking.

Seavus DropMind™ enables users’ total refreshment in their everyday work. From simple note taking to developing successful strategies and plans, it helps users to prioritize objectives and set their actions.

Represented by the platform-friendly desktop solution and online application created with the next-generation Microsoft® Silverlight™, it provides fun and pleasure while finishing the work with success.

Our continuous efforts to improve our products and services are a verification of our determination to serve our clients.