Telcos and Satellites: Digital transformation on different frequencies

Read this interview with Dejan Talevski, Senior Project Manager at Telecom division and one of the speakers at our Telco event in Stockholm on November 16th.

Along with him, Robert Charles, Director Web & Software Development  at Globalstar Inc. will share experiences from the truly successful partner relationship with Globalstar, a US based satellite operator with global reach. Don’t miss this inspiring event and register here.

What will be the main takeaway from this event? And why do you think both Telco and Satellite companies should participate? 

Although using different mediums, Telco and Satellite companies share a main goal: to enable communication services. The challenges and the pressures on these IT stacks are also very similar. There are, however, significant differences in the operations model of these types of companies. Telcos are predominantly restricted to a country or a region, while satellite companies must enable services everywhere in the world. 
The main takeaway from this event will be an interesting comparison of these worlds and an overview on how similar yet so different these IT stacks are.

What are the main challenges for the Telco and Satellite industry in the digital transformation path?

Telcos and Satellite industries should be driving the digital transformation processes with one premise in mind – becoming as customer-centric as possible. Traditional working models, which were valid up to 2020, have been torn to pieces, and customers are expecting their service providers to be fully digital. If such companies can’t manage to become so, then what should be expected from companies in other domains (i.e., commerce, government, medicine…)? Such companies must remain at the forefront of emerging technologies and provide a revolutionary customer experience.
Thankfully, there are a lot of promising technologies, from 5G, to IoT, to Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Cloud technologies, that are here to help Service providers. It’s a matter of careful planning and selecting the best possible fit for each initiative.

Which departments are facing the biggest challenges in the process?

A digital transformation process is all about improving customer experience, but in the background, it should touch the company as a whole, the people within the company and all its stakeholders.

Therefore, we can safely say that this process must be properly synchronized and absorbed by all departments in a company, top-to-bottom and horizontally across all affected verticals: from management to IT, to Marketing, to Customer service, to Networks, etc.
One of the key takeaways from our event is showcasing that you can only succeed if you combine a joint effort throughout your company.

You have been part of many digital transformation projects within the Seavus Telco division. Which one has been the most challenging for you, the one you are most proud of?

I’m proud to be part of my company and I have had the pleasure of executing some very revolutionary and interesting projects.
In light of this event, let me say that we will be showcasing a very interesting and complex transformation project, an implementation and migration of a legacy BSS to a new digital BSS system in a record time, with teams working across the globe.