The healthcare industry requires us to find rapid ways of delivering solutions and reuse of practices

Talking about the most important trends in healthcare technology at the moment, as well as how is Remotization helping to deliver the desired results of Seavus’ healthcare clients, Toni Trpkovski, CTO of Seavus Scandinavia, and Kiril Gelevski, Director of Remotization, share their opinions and viewpoints in this interview conducted in anticipation of the remote event “Technology Advancements in Healthcare - Digital Health Solutions” scheduled to take place on June 11th.

The reason for organizing the remote event, as Toni points out, is to share insights on what has been seen as a change in the healthcare sector - how the dynamics are shifting, in which direction, and why. The main topic of the discussion will be the emerging use of telemedicine, which is proving itself to be a necessity, and what key factors will lead to an even bigger demand.

Several topics will be discussed at the remote event, part of which: AI at the heart of the healthcare sector, how Artificial Intelligence might personalize healthcare, future of digital health with AI, NextGen healthcare - gamified and wearable technology, and what is the role of digitalization in the hospitals.

“We will talk about the rise of on-demand healthcare, how Cloud solutions are changing the digitization in healthcare, why today we see AI as part of almost all digitization initiatives, and how it impacts today’s healthcare”, Toni explains.

He believes that the healthcare industry is moving much faster in all areas when it comes to the adoption and use of technology.

“It is expanding so fast that it requires us to continuously find rapid ways of delivering solutions and reuse of practices”, he asserts.

According to him, what they are happy to see is the movement from detection/therapy focused approach to continuous and proactive healthcare, involving patients continuously for early detections and preventions using digital systems and technology. That opens new chapters and possibilities for further enhancements and application of digital solutions, connected and proactive services by healthcare providers.

Discussing what the future for the healthcare industry holds and if hospital managers should invest in new health technologies, Kiril highlights: “If digital healthcare was on the radar as something inevitable and coming within the mid-long term, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated the pace to nowadays, if not now! We’ll see the growing importance of healthcare in the mindset of our people, and the new normal will bring a very unbiased observation of the way how we practice healthcare”, further explaining that the healthcare system needs to reorganize in order to enable continuity and keep the quality of patient care, amid the pandemic.

“Fighting the current turmoil is possible only with advanced technology and digitization in healthcare. A great number of digital healthcare solutions will be embedded in the daily operations of hospitals and clinics, covering for the downsize of regular visits to their premises, such as on-demand healthcare, online consultations, e-health, mHealth, online exams, telehealth, enabling virtual health check-ups, and more”, concludes Kiril Gelevski.

They both agree that the possibility to have simple checks and recommendations from the comfort of your home, using everyday technology, is “a meaningful gain the society has got”.

“This enables patients to get to the information they need without the need to schedule and see a doctor. Furthermore, they can be examined visually and talk to a specialist right away. This not only gives convenience for the patients but allows specialists to help more patients,” explains Toni Trpkovski, CTO of Seavus Scandinavia.

When it comes to the remotization approach, Seavus has been practicing it for more than 20 years. Through remotization, Seavus’ hand-picked teams are tirelessly working on helping clients to stay competitive and overcome arising issues.

As the Director of Remotization at Seavus, we asked Kiril how this approach helps to deliver the desired results of Seavus’ healthcare clients and what the secret of successful delivery by remote teams is. He shares that Seavus has more than 20 years of delivering impeccable services through remote working and that the company has a strong understanding of different cultures and how to sync their specifics.

“Our experience across multiple verticals and technologies enables our consultants to operate successfully and effectively. Currently, we have several ongoing projects in the healthcare industry providing full-stack services such as software development, security issues, cloud services, health applications, and AI in healthcare”, he explains.

He describes how Seavus’ remote teams are trained to work together with a great synergy in their working habits and communication, as well as how well they are complementing each other in the everyday teamwork.

Talking about the perks of R&D in the healthcare ecosystem, outsourced to remote teams, he emphasizes that Seavus has an extensive track record of successful outsourcing and nearshoring with healthcare clients around the world, delivering quality services.

“From a business perspective, this provides our clients with an opportunity to challenge us and get our knowledge and skilled engineers working remotely. This means the client can transfer all of the work done at their premises to our teams and focus on their core functionalities, while we handle everything else”, he assures.

Finally, at the remote event, both will further delve into how the use of artificial intelligence and big data in healthcare applications is leading the pathway towards individualizing healthcare, tailor-made strategies, and improving patient experience!

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