Tomche Hristovski, Seavus Division Manager of Telecom Division, gave an interview for the leading Southeastern European media brand In the interview Tomche speaks about the challenges in the Telecom Industry, the new trends that accompany today's business in the industry and Seavus's plan for expansion of the offices in Serbia during 2018.

Tomche starts the interview talking about digitalisation and all of the trending aspects of the Telecom Industry that should be used in order to provide a better Customer Experience (CE). Machine Learning is part of these trends that can help Telecoms predict the most diverse things about a user's behaviour, like the likelihood to change the operator or the need for special services:

"If we look at this through the prism of IoT and the fact that over 50 billion electronic devices will soon be connected to the Internet, you can imagine how important the information processing, accuracy and security are. When we talk about digital transformation, we have to consider setting new rules for the architecture itself, which will enable us an even larger application and service segmentation."

As for the plans to grow our team and expand our business, Tomche says:

"We plan to continue with an aggressive growth in all the offices because we see potential and good experts, which is an opportunity to expand existing teams and start developing new projects and products. In 2018, the expansion of the company is planned not only in Serbia but also in all other offices. This year, the goal is to expand the Net, Java, Big Data, QA, Embedded, C ++, Linux and Front End teams. Currently, we are looking for such profiles for the offices in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Nish."

He continues talking about IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and other intrugiung topics, followed by the current need for a Big Data Lead Engineer in the offices in Serbia.

Read the full interview here.