What to expect from Salesforce in 2023?

The only certain for technology is it’s bound to constantly change and advance with each coming day. Fortunately, in the core of the Salesforce values is innovation. The CRMs innovations are continuously awaited from the public, and released triennially, as spring, summer, and winter releases.

For 2023, the following innovations are the most exciting for Salesforce users:

Slack Canvas

The virtual office will still be in need of innovation this year, as the improvement of a digital workspace is vital after a lot of companies retained their remote and/or hybrid work systems after the covid crisis. Salesforce recently acquired Slack, and with the acquisition and release of Slack-First Customer 360, data sharing, troubleshooting, development and implementation has become much easier in the digital offices. Slack Canvas is a brand-new platform, that provides users with space for organization, generation and distribution of crucial data.

Salesforce Flow Orchestrator

At the nucleolus of all blooming businesses are their workflows. By adding the Flow Orchestrator, Salesforce admins successfully minimized the gap between workflow handovers by bringing users and workflows together without using codes.


Hyperforce is a new infrastructure architecture that unifies the foundations of the various clouds and allows Salesforce to scale rapidly and securely using public cloud partners, such as Azure, AWS, or Google. Salesforce users now have the ability to select the location for data-hosting.


In simple terms, the Salesforce Genie integrates data from each step of the customer experience into one manageable customer profile. This customer profile can later be used to create an unmatched level of personalization of companies using Salesforce services, which is of benefit to the marketing and sales departments that have large data bases of different contacts. Salesforce Genie into the provides equal access to real-time data across each and every cloud. It adds to the already existing transactional database with the ability process huge amounts of data in actual time. The Genie feature is built using Salesforce metadata, which means the stored date is visible and available for use by Customer 360.

To summarize, Salesforce will remain above the water in the new technology wave of 2023, as the popularity of the cloud continuously increases. It’s expected that businesses will put maximum focus on optimizing usability of the Salesforce platform and receiving the return on investment in the next couple of years.