The newest release of the free and paid versions of Yatzy for Windows phone 7&8, comes refreshed with a brand new look and feel, including online playing mode which gives the thrill of competing with top players from all around the world.

Starting from today, a refreshed and challenging Yatzy is available for Windows Phone 7&8 devices. Already a top yatzy game in the Windows Phone Store for 2013 with more than 2.000.000 unique players, the new Yatzy comes empowered with many online playing features that bring the gameplay experience to a whole new level.

Yatzy is a well-known game of challenge and this experience is further enhanced with the online playing mode which gives players the opportunity to play head-to-head with top players from around the world, placing either low or high stakes. All players compete over the same goal: stay always on top and win as many Game.IO chips as possible. Now, the fresh, intuitive and user-friendly design comes reinvented to give players a quick grasp of the game mechanics, including a helpful user guide to help novice players easily advance through the game and reach Yatzy master rank in no time.

Here is what the Game.IO team said on the recent developments “Our team carefully read and analyzed every single review from our vast players base worldwide. We used their input to completely transform Yatzy to a new, higher level and make it more challenging and fun. Our players are the ones who set the directions on how the game will develop. That is why we encourage them even more to share their experience on blogs, websites, social media, Windows Phone Store reviews or just send us an email”.

In the new version of Yatzy, once the game is downloaded, all players receive an instant reward of 3.000 free Game.IO chips to place in-game bets and keep the Yatzy dice rolling. The owners of Windows Phone 7&8 devices can download Yatzy free of charge or get the full version at discounted price right from the Windows Phone Store and play it with their peers, friends and family. Players can now enjoy lots of fun playing the new Yatzy and they are encouraged to share their thoughts and comments via reviews in the store.

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