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Cyber Security as a Service


Are you in need of a team to help you improve your Security posture?

Taking into consideration the evolving Cyber Security threats, hiring a team of security professionals to help you improve your overall security, by checking your current exposure to outside risks and giving you recommendations on how to improve the security of your organization, is the best option you can choose for securing your business.

We offer services provided by a team of Security professionals with years of Cyber Security experience that can be customized according to your specific preferences and provide you with what you need with agreed monthly/quarterly packages of effort in hours /per month.


 What Services do we offer?


Security Assessment service

Our highly professional Security engineers will perform a detailed evaluation of the external and internal threats, by delivering vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services, including recommendations for improvement of the overall security posture of your organization. Our team delivers the activities as a part of a service, giving you the availability of security engineers for continuous monitoring and improvements.



Security Compliance service

If you need consultancy related to security compliance and standards implementation, our team is here to help. With background experience in various industries and services, such as telco, banking and finance, private and public sector, development companies and expertise to design security in all business areas, our team will give you full coverage for your protection and compliance.



  • Network, application and web based penetration testing services, with different approaches depending on Customer needs;
  • Indepth security assessment and remediation;
  • Vulnerability scans for compliance and security checks;
  • Remediation and hardening on your internal systems and services;
  • Threat and risk assessment.




Implementation and internal audit related to security standards:

- ISO27001
- CIS benchmark

Security consultancy services:

- Information Security Officer
- Data Protection Officer
- System Security
- Cyber Security technical expertise
- Staff awareness trainings
- Business continuity planning

GDPR consultancy, implementation and internal audit:

- Achieve GDPR compliance
- Prepare gap analysis and check your GDPR status
- Implement GDPR compliance and requirements

Customized security services:

- Security services as required by the Customer


  • Team of Cyber Security engineers and professionals will be assigned in coordination with Technical Lead and Service Delivery Manager;
  • An agreement will be signed with agreed services and timeframe for delivery;
  • During handover and onboarding of the services, the team will work with you to set the needed Tasks and Responsibilities matrix;
  • Once the onboarding process is completed and everything is set up, we start with immediate service delivery.

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