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Seavus DoAI platform is an artificial intelligence platform with cognitive capabilities, that provides services for business automation and improvement of decisions. Seavus DoAI platform is a set of modules, functions, code and AI algorithms of general usage.

DoAI revolutionizes all operational and business activities in several ways: by solving business puzzles in monitoring and prediction, classification and structuring unstructured data, decision making and process rationalization, filtering irrelevant or weakly matched data and compiling new information. All of this to boost or totally eliminate time consuming and hindering processes, enabling new ways of executing business and truly disrupting traditional business models.

The DoAI business case list is endless:

  • Warehouse automation, logistics, PIM, MDM
  • Finance, accounting, compliance surveillance, reconciliations
  • Building automation, assessing construction permits
  • Authorities' decision on grants, environmental surveillance, tracking tax planning
  • Traffic monitoring and penalties, monitoring agreements
  • GDPR monitoring, brand monitoring, social intelligence
  • Support, customer service, chat-bots
  • Purchasing, procurement
  • Insurance claims processing, pattern analysis and prediction, actuarial summaries


Following the latest trends in the digitalization of Banking and Financial services, Seavus helps clients to develop new modern solutions that will redesign their digital services, automate business processes, improve customer experience and easily integrate with Fintech solutions.

Besides software development services, we are also developing our own solutions:

  • PSD2 API platform for banks – easy to integrate, customize and self-maintain
  • PSD2 API Gateway & Aggregation API – for third parties connecting to the bank
  • Smart Wallet – payments & balance from all bank accounts, financial manager, family budget
  • Smart Chatbot – payment initiation (money transfer, bills, FX), AI, ML
  • AI and Machine learning solutions

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Managed Services


Our Managed Services Model provides flexibility to shape services as per the hand of any customer size or business and protect their most valuable asset - the confidential information and stability of the technology (and systems) that support their core business.


The Media Intelligence Solution handles all online news and social media conversations and grasps the essence of the big picture, which is a powerful tool for making informed and strategic decisions.

It extracts important and relevant information from the clutter of billions of news and social media posts and detects developing trends in real time. With the new era of social media platforms, people now publicly share their opinion, sentiment and perspective over a certain topic.

A unified approach for detection, analysis, and understanding of the impact of social conversations can give organizations, companies or government institutions a competitive advantage, regardless if it is related to a brand, reputation, sales or current events.

Our state-of-art solution enables organizations to gain smart insights, develop or adjust their communication and apply a strategic approach with these powerful features:

  • News aggregation across digital channels;
  • Social listening;
  • Influencer detection;
  • User defined search by topic or keyword (mentions);
  • Display trends in a centralized dashboard;
  • Sentiment analysis using NLP (Natural-language processing);
  • Predictive analysis based on historic data.