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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


One of our solutions is the DoAI platform: an explainable AI in real business terms.





Innovative, Revolutionary, Industry Disruptive Bot


Managed Services

Seavus Smart ChatBot creates an

opportunity for any company to take

customer relationships to a new level!

The Smart ChatBot can provide personalized service at anytime, anywhere and from any channel.

Smart Chatbot will simplify the traditional customer care service and provide ultimate digital experience with personal and empathetic touch. The Chatbot will also automate customer service processes and decrease the company cost, allowing business to focus on growing their offerings.

24/7 available support

Revolutionizing Customer Relationship

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase service center capacity

Personalize interactions

Reduce operational costs

Can be connected to speech to text (Alexa)

Customized campaign management solutions

Payments - Initiate payments directly from the ChatBot

Rich interface: configurable fonts and colours

Multi Language

GDPR compliant


Who can benefit from our Smart ChatBot ?

Insurance companies, Banking, Fintech & Finance institutions, Telco, Restaurant industry food and drinks, E-Commerce, Healthcare and Travel agencies & Transportation.

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Expertise in Big Data

Our engineers are working on databases and big data engines, reporting and analytics, and integration and interfaces among the different components.

They are skilled and focused on different platforms, be it hardware or software, and they are specialists in different functional areas when it comes to the IT world, such as: migration, performance, testing and quality assurance, troubleshooting, deployment and support. We have experts in a broad range of technologies: Teradata, Oracle, Microsoft, Informatica, Datameer, QlikView, different flavors of Hadoop distributions etc. Depending on your current situation and future plans, we can suggest you a technology stack that will comply with your needs.

Data and Analytics

Seavus offers help in installing, working with and optimizing the Elastic stack.

Through our close collaboration with Elasticsearch, our customers have a guaranteed access to experts that will share their expertise in the field.

Use Elastic stack to boost your AI

If intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, it is very difficult to describe artificial intelligence (AI) without talking about machine learning (ML).

With so much buzz around AI and machine learning it can be difficult to understand what these technologies actually do and what their value is. For Elastic the goal is to try and enhance the current Elastic search experience by initially allowing users to automatically use unsupervised machine learning to find anomalies in time series data, and understand the probable causes via counterfactual reasoning.