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Securing Your IoT

Connecting an embedded device to the internet and making it IoT ready is seamless and easy. However, without proper implementation of security mechanisms to make it robust and safe (secure), disappointment of its misuse will arrive immediately. This may especially be the case during the incoming years, when the number of IoT devices will grow and without a proper security certification the market will be overflown by insecure devices that won’t be attractive for customers. Not to forget that people are getting more and more aware of personal data protection, especially with the GDPR regulation coming to force. 

Seavus' embedded engineers have been working on securing embedded devices used on the mass market for the last 12 years and have helped Blue Chip companies in securing their devices used in many different technology domains.

Our services enable and strengthen the security of devices and include:

  • Selection of proper embedded chip-set with required security hardware capabilities
  • Enablement and configuration of security HW mechanisms
  • Implementation of secure boot on systems with and without OS on
    • Linux OS
    • Android OS
    • BareMetal systems
  • Verification of executables prior their loading and starting
  • Development of secure firmware download tools used during device production or over the air updates
  • Configuration of OS security features according to required level on Linux and Android OS’s



Besides developing solutions for embedded devices, our company is well experienced in developing server-based solutions for preparation and deployment of OTA packages with all required digital signatures and obfuscations (encryptions) of images.




We combine a wide range of technologies and engineering disciplines into an impressive remote predictive and diagnostic platform called the PredictiveSuite™ for MP Diagnostics. We transformetd complex monitoring and diagnostic solutions into a complete solution of embedded SW (FPGA, DSP and LINUX) and browser based front-end SW, as well as an industrial and military HW backbone - the OrangeBox™.

Sensors are supplied with power and return analogue signals digitalised with high performing A/D conversion, processing real-time data for alarming and early fault detection, and storing data and historical information locally and remote for more than 15 years, as well as raw sensor-data-storage on events (flight recorder) which allows post mortem and root course analysis (RCA).

All of this is possible by mixing the best engineers in the field and SW developers with domain knowledge. Add in the equartion a specialist designing PCB, power supply, analogue front-end and diagnostic algorithms and combine them with the highest level of equipment application knowledge - what you'll get is Seavus and MP Diagnostics.

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