AI Seminar in Stockholm: Identify the perfect AI use case

A seminar you can't afford to miss.

The software development and consulting company Seavus is organizing a seminar on “How to get started with AI: Identify the perfect use case!” After the inspiring and thought-provoking sessions on the AI-related events from the previous year, Seavus has decided to organize yet another event in Stockholm.

The AI seminar will take place on March 28 (Thursday) at 16:30h in Seavus Stockholm office.

The speakers at the event will be Magnus Andersson, Division manager – Development and Architecture, and Toni Trpkovski, Chief Technology Officer at Seavus.

Toni Trpkovski has been working in Seavus for more than 10 years now and, during his work, has had a significant role in international teams, providing data management and data analytics services for worldwide companies.

“After years of research and multiple implementations we will be sharing our workflows used to identify what AI can do for your business, which tasks should be considered for automation based on AI, what kind of insights you can get from your data which is not possible to be discovered with the traditional approach, and finally, how to identify which use case is the best to consider AI as a solution. Don’t miss the opportunity to see real-life implementations and how AI is already helping our customers,”says Toni, looking forward to exchanging his expertise and experience in the field.

The second speaker, Magnus Andersson, has a Microsoft Technologies background and more than 20 years of experience with system development. At Seavus, he’s been involved in the AI-development endeavors.

“There’s a buzz about AI right now and maybe it seems a bit too big, too strange and frankly you don’t have the time for it at the moment? We can help you understand it, think differently and find the ‘easy shots’ in a structured way,” Magnus says.

“We have the know-how on how to get started with machine learning and other techniques that will change how we all work. There is no time to miss this train so let us inspire you to spend your time and your resources wisely”, he adds.  

Why attend? You will sharpen your knowledge base, meet experts face to face, use an exclusive opportunity for networking and discover how you can take and make the most of AI implementation. 2018 has been a successful year in Seavus’ AI endeavors. We have implemented new solutions with long-term implications for our clients and we’ve been working on advancing our solutions to address issues that businesses have been trying to overcome. Read more about the 2018 AI milestones in our recap.

Everyone who’s interested in the seminar can read the whole agenda and register here, the seminar is free of charge.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!