Every Sunday morning, between 10:30 and 12:30, the Educational Center in the Skopje ZOO is filled with creativity, craftwork and children laughter. Seavus and SEDC are organizing exciting creative workshops for children and their parents in the ZOO surroundings, making it a perfect place for children to get inspired by the exciting animals, develop their creative skills by observing nature and work with various creative techniques.

The sessions are led by SEDC mentors, and combine the learning of various art techniques including drawing and painting, creating collages using mixed media, learn to craft beautiful origami and much more. Children also get to learn more about the environment and the animals in the ZOO through interesting creative ways of interaction, games, songs and fun followed by the drawings and models they create during the session.

One of the workshops was joined by Martin Stojanovski, President of the Macedonian Astronomic Society, where children together with parents learned about the planets and the solar system.

This weekend the workshop enters the 5th session where children will be focused on handcraftsmenship and building kites.

If you are interested to take part and have fun together with our team, contact for more information about the session’s availability and prices.