We started another CSR action! This time we decided to organize an action of collecting old and used books, and to help enriching the university ibraries in the communities where Seavus operates.

“Many of us have lots of books we don’t need any more. We have read them, once or even more, or we have simply grown them up. And chances are we are probably not going to read them again. So if they are just taking too much space and collecting dust on our shelves, why don’t we make a good cause and donate them? There is someone who will gladly read them! Our old and used books will get a second life in the libraries in the communities where Seavus operates”, explains Branka Bugariska, Marketing Manager at Seavus.

Beside for Seavus employees, we also invite all interested citizens to donate their old and used books to the university and city libraries! The action starts today, March 1, and will last till the end of the month. More info at: