Our mind mapping software DropMind® released new versions of both, DropMind® Desktop – v3.5 and DropMind® Web – v3.0

We are especially proud of our new WBS chart feature implemented in the Desktop version. It will help our users initiate their projects and lay down their tasks, thoughts or ideas in an organized structure.  We are truly confident that this feature will give us the edge over our competitors.

The other new features are the Session manager and Exporting Gantt chart as image. The session manager will help our users to gain complete control over their mapping workspace and work with multiple maps at the same time. Also, starting from now, our users can export their project schedule as an image, print it or transfer Gantt charts as images to other project documents.

In the web application, we managed to improve some key features like the map syncing and the balanced layout.

Stay tuned for more DropMind updates. iDropMind’s new version is coming very soon.

More on the new features: www.dropmind.com